Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Is Cetuximab given for all Bowel Cancers?

Who is able to receive Cetuximab? Is it only given for a specific type of Cancer? My husband is on Folfiri and I wondered why no-one had mention Cetuximab as an addition. The Sister at the hospital today told us that people are still being prescribed it, but we will check at our next clinic appointment. I have read of difficulties obtaining it?

This is only a query to prepare for the next eventuality.

Thank you in anticipation. :x::x::x:


Hi @LynneW , as far as I know they have to test the tumour cells to see whether it will have any effect or not. They can include it if your cells are wild type, unfortunately my cells are kras mutant which tells them it is unlikely to have any effect and so it is not accessible for me.
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Hello @LynneW they wouldn't give me it for my first lot of chemo after surgery as , said it was only when it has spread and also need to test KRAS to see if wild type. I get the impression it's quite an expensive drug which they remove funding for it you don't have it for 6 weeks. I am having FOLFIRI with Panetunimab which works in a similar way as second line chemo as I had reoccurrence while on 1st chemo. Best to ask at next appointment if it can be added. Best wishes :x::x:


It is very strange why they don't give cetuximab in the first place when they know that ur cancer is a wild type! They wait until it recurs and then they suggest or introduce cetuximab! Would the end result be different if they did give it in the first place? I wonder?


Hi @LynneW no not for all mutations eg not BRAF :x::x:


I think it’s used for BRAF in combo other drugs for Beacon 3 trial but not for on its own with Folfiri :x:


Thank you for all your answers @Polly68, @Bear G, @Mum37, @Polly 1, @Sele2017, @HH79, we will ask the Oncologist at our next appointment.

Going well armed with information helps! :x::x::x:


Hi @LynneW, I had a similar conversation with my oncologist this morning. They can't give cetuximab to KRAS wild type if you also have BRAF as it doesn't work on its own. They can use it along with other drugs i.e Vemurafenib which has worked in melanoma BRAF but not so great in colon. Like @HH79 says they are doing other trails looking at drugs to work along side cetuximab but these are usually for when folfori and folfox no longer work. :x:


My husband’s Oncologist hasn’t said what type of Cancer we are dealing with! We will ask all these questions on our next appointment! :x::x::x: