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Awareness of charity in hospital.

I have my treatment in Perth Royal Infirmary ( Scotland) and i mentioned to the oncologist this forum and wonderful support from the charity and to my dismay that there were was no literature or sign posting on the notice board other than for the usual MacMillan. sadly the colorectal nurse and oncologist never mentioned BBC either at the beginning.

How can i change that and sign post people to this charity who may need the support.

Does the charity send out PR posters/leaflets etc that I can put in the hospital ( oncologist is happy for me to do so)


Hi @Highkaren

I’ll tag @"Sarah-support and information" and @RosemaryA who may be able to help.

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Don't get me started @Highkaren .... all the posters at our East Kent Hospitals are 'breast cancer pink' implying that if you don't have breast cancer you aren't included in the special courses and events.


Christies have a BBC poster in reception at pre op assessment department and was really glad to see it pinned up very noticeably behind reception office :x:


Hi I didn't see anything in Derby and agree it's a big miss. Perhaps an opportunity for the merged charities to relaunch.


Well spotted @Highkaren , nothing at either the RM Sutton or at Nuffield Guildford. Shame on them!

Sarah :x:


Hi @Highkaren , at the Edinburgh Western Infirmary there were Beating Bowel Cancer leaflets in racks in the ward and the colorectal nurse also brought our attention to the forum (I'd been using it for a couple of years already by that time). If they've got a supply there, then I would think it must be feasible to have a supply in Perth. Have you tried sending a message in the "contact us" part of the website?


Hiya @Highkaren

When I was first diagnosed after my surgery, I was given a little pack by the Colorectal Nurse in the ward. There was a bbc card inside. There were also posters up in the Colorectal unit as well as cards.

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Bear G

When I was in for my resection the colorectal nurse gave me a folder with some booklets in from Macmillan and Beating Bowel Cancer.
I found the Macmillan one unreadable but the bbc ones very easy.
That said there’s no bbc stuff on my chemo unit.

Last year I did get a Pharmaceutical company to agree to help distribute bbc materials but not sure if the charity ever followed up on this.

Sarah Staff (Support and Information)

@Highkaren I'll pm you directly to get further information.

@Charlotte Nurse Advisor @Jo Garnham
There is a general problem getting materials into some departments as they are dominated by Macmillan but if you have a good relationship with your team and think they are keen to distribute our material you can email me their details at sarah.wix@beatingbowelcancer.org and we can send them information.
Many thanks


When we were at the Sunderland General Hospital, all the information/leaflets given to us were Macmillan :x::x:

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear All,

One of the frustrations we have with getting our information into hospitals is that many of the cancer nurse roles are sponsored/funded by Macmillan which obviously leads to their information/publications being used and very little else.

The most important 'voice' when looking at the issue of patient information is what patients think! I would definitely encourage patients who have found our publications, factsheets, posters etc. helpful to feed this back to their Trusts and to recommend that they are displayed prominently. This can either be done through their CNS or cancer patient user group (or similar titled group).



I too have noticed that almost all the information displayed around the waiting areas at my hospital is Macmillan related. However, like you @Bear G, when I was diagnosed, the pack up I was given did contain the Beating Bowel Cancer booklets which were far more user friendly than the Macmillan ones.

The Cancer Patient Partnership Group run by the local Healthcare Trust is looking for relatives/patients/carers to get involved so I hope to follow up on this over the next couple of days.

Bear G

Sounds good @chris61