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Younger people with bowel cancer


How can they say it's uncommon?

Hi guys
Just sat here recovering from my op that I had on 2nd Jan, thinking back how every professional told me it won't be cancer as I'm so young.
But as I sat up on the ward at the lister in Stevenage recovering there was three of us 'youngsters' with bowel cancer! They need to stop shrugging it off!
Sorry just wanted a rant!
Ps hi if you were the two young men on the ward 7b with me!!

david watt

@at2017 hi, I completely agree with you in terms of younger people getting colon cancer. Something dramatic has changed for the worst. The numbers on this forum and USA are scary. I personally think pollution or diet or some chemicals that have been introduced into the food chains, maybe gm, may be antibiotics. The numbers keep growing and I think they will continue to do so before NHS etc realise how bad the situation really is. Best wishes David


The antibiotic idea is really interesting. I was on them constantly throughout my 20s for recurrent infections... It really wouldn't surprise me if that's what caused my tumour to grow. I'm also intrigued by the theory that pregnancy hormones could play a part. Cx

david watt

@kidsversuscopy there was some research published in the USA at one of the international cancer conferences 6 months or so. USA nurses and health care workers who developed colon cancer completed questionnaires over many years and those that had more antibiotics during their lifetime seemed to have a higher rate of colon cancers. Antibiotics wipe out your natural gut bacteria which is like an ecosystem, they grow back but the consequences are not completely understood as with the gut bacterias role in our bodies.


Hi @at2017,

I agree totally about the antibiotics but would also go further and say that food today have been modified for (usually added sweetness) and have had some if not all the innate goodness impaired.

Think about grapes, now bred to be very sweet, which used to be tart and have a sort of tannin taste to them.... well that tannin is now not there and is good for us! Same goes for grape seeds which people don’t want to eat but are actually very good for us!

So I also think that food has been modified for flavour at the expense of nutrition. No wonder we can’t fight these diseases as well as our grandparents. They usually ate organic and locally grown food.

Not to mention the way we raise our beef and dairy herds .....

Sarah :x:

Michaels Mum

@at2017 hiya. My son was on 7b at Lister. Had his op 2nd Jan. He was discharged yesterday and is recovering at home now. He is 24. Diagnosed at 22. Hope you are doing well. We have had 2 years of "omg so young!" :x:


@at2017 - what a small world, I am @Michaels Mum son's girlfriend (if that isn't confusing!) His operation was also the 2nd Jan as mentioned and he is now at home recovering. Wishing you a speedy recovery from what is such an awful illness. I am doing as much as I can from the fundraising side to raise awareness of Bowel Cancer in young people, as it is very often shrugged off as something else before it is diagnosed, as we are well aware! Take care of yourself, :x:

Bear G

Hi @at2017
Glad you're recovering from your op and hopefully everything went well for you.
While it's true that 95% of bowel cancer occurs in the over 50s, it's a fact that it can occcur at any age.
Believe it or not when I presented at the age of 49 I was told it wouldn't be bowel,cancer due to my age!
Bowel Cancer UK (who Beating Bowel Cancer are merging with) run a campaign called Never Too Young specifically to help to address exactly this point.
Fingers crossed for a fast recovery.
Big hugs


@at2017 hope your op went well and u are recovering quickly. Couldn’t agree more about the young people diagnosis blind spot.
@kidsversuscopy is there any research about the pregnancy hormone link and colon cancer? I did wonder if there was a connection as I’ve seen a few mums with babies on here. Mine was 14 months when I was diagnosed.
@david watt I’ve had quite a lot of antibiotics in my lifetime too - if only we cd pool all our experiences and trace the common elements. Surely this must be possible in this age of social media - a doodle poll or an app or some such thing!


Was he the one that was in the bed next to the window? I spoke to him a couple of times.
I was the girl in the side room, normally wandering around in my pjs!
@Sandy94 are you on the shine group? I'd be interested in seeing your fundraising and getting involved xx

Quote from @Michaels Mum:
@at2017 hiya. My son was on 7b at Lister. Had his op 2nd Jan. He was discharged yesterday and is recovering at home now. He is 24. Diagnosed at 22. Hope you are doing well. We have had 2 years of "omg so young!"


Hi @at2017 first of all my very best wishes for a speedy recovery. This has been frustrating me for a long time. Along with campaigning for the best treatment and lowering the screening age I feel we need huge work to find the cause of the increase in bowel cancer and why it is affecting people at a much younger age, and then we can start giving advice on how to prevent it !
Love Swan :x::x:


Yes he was the one next to the window indeed (bed 18)! I know exactly who you were now you've said that- such a small world indeed! I am on the Shine plus one group, but the fundraising I do isn't through a page as such, more through the charity itself. I volunteer for the Bowel Cancer team. Take care :x::x: