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Stage 4 bowel cancer


Update Christie’s

Hi all. Just to update Christie’s called this morning to go through scan dates/history etc (mega impressed with them having only got it yesterday and they chased my Dr surgery to send it!) They want an up to date scan too and works well as due one in two weeks, then my scans will all be looked at by their MDT. Who knows what will come of it, I do trust their opinion ie if hipec too risky being off chemo and my para aortic lymphs run riot etc. I did read about their proton beam trial for targeting lymphs so am already fantasising about having that and then HIPEC! Anyway, have good days. By the time had the scan and been through Christie MDT expect will be a month. Have good weeks :x::x:


Oh wow @ HH79 This sounds very promising!

Now to keep yourself busy and distracted until then!

I have everything crossed for you!

Lots of love,

Karen ????❤️


Encouraging news @HH79. Keep us posted :x:


Wow @HH79 they sound really on the ball which is fabulous. Keeping everything crossed they let you have HIPEC :x::x::x:


Good luck marvellous news :x:


Thank you all. Who knows what’s to folllow but in terms of speed, efficiency and kindness etc I’m hugely impressed. :x::x:


Fingers crossed for you :x::x:


@HH79 that sounds brilliant, I get my scan results this Afternoon but will definitely be chasing my GP to send them a referral. Also going to get oncologist to look into PIPAC trials in Cardiff. Onwards and upwards in 2018 :x::x::x:


Excellent @HH79 :) will keep fingers crossed for you. Much love :x::x:


Oh good to hear @HH79, it all sounds very encouraging! Big smiles xx .....

Polly 1

Good to hear. Fingers crossed :x::x:


Best of luck @HH79, hope all goes well! :x::x::x:

El Ivan

Best of luck @HH79 :)


@HH79, good luck to you, The Christie are very efficient, I have my chemo there. This is good news.:x::x:


@HH79, good luck .