Life with bowel cancer

sue goodyear

bowel cancer

hi,i had breast cancer 10yrs ago,bowel cancer diagnosed and op march 2017 followed by 8 rounds of capox,due to have ct 26th feb, just cant stop worrying about a recurrence,i know I should be enjoying life as best as I can and am so lucky in comparison with a lot of you lovelies out there,sorry to winge,love suexxxx

Bear G

Hi @sue goodyear
It’s natural to be worried about a scan - we call it scanxiety! However, as you implied it’s important to be able to get in with things and enjoy your life.

To keep things in perspective I view the scan as a good thing with no bad news as such - if the scan is clear then happy days, if it shows something up then that’s good as it means I can do something about it!

And in the meantime do lots of fun things that make you happy ?

Big hugs


Hello @sue goodyear scanziety is the worst feeling as until you get the results there is nothing you can do about the results. I find mindfulness helps and arranging nice things to look forward to. Hope your results are all clear and as Bear says if they spot something you can get treatment quickly. :x::x:


Hi @sue goodyear I agree that the scans make us very anxious, but agree with Bear, they have to be seen as a big bonus, and a safety net. Moving forward after cancer is a very difficult time, and I have never thought there is enough emphasis on this area, especially as most of us worry about recurrence. I’ve just done hypnotherapy which has really helped me, and is something I can use when those worry thoughts come into my head. Best of luck on 26th Feb, try and put this date to the back of your mind for now love D :x::x:


Hi Sue, I’ve never posted on here before but do read regularly which I really find helpful. I am exactly the same in that I’m luckier than a lot of people too and had good scan results in December with next scan not for another couple of months but I am struggling big time in making the most of this time and have awful tension in my shoulders. Have booked a reiki session for tomorrow so hopefully this will help me feel more at ease. Keep giving myself a good talking to but it’s not really working at the moment. Hope you can find strength too soon :x::x:

sue goodyear

thank you all for your lovely replies and for taking time to answer,ts comforting to know I'm not on my own with these emotions,i think its having cancer twice which has really knocked my confidence this time,reiki sounds an xtra special idea,thanks susieg,love and hugs to you allxxx


@sue goodyear

Hi Sue,

Worrying about scan results is something that we all endure. It’s just horrible. Something that helps me is to get mad at my worries and tell myself that worrying changes nothing but robs you of happiness and fun each day so is pointless!

Try to keep busy, distracted and plan nice things to do between now and the 26th Feb!

Lots of love,

K ????❤️