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Linking of bag

Any tips on to stop pancaking.


I have a extra disc that I put around the bag opening. I think adding some lubricant into the bag before you put it on helps but not tried it myself. I'm sure others will have suggestions too. :x::x:


Hello @jenwren, sorry to hear you are having this problem. Mine was sorted when my stoma nurse changed the type of bag to a convex one. If you haven’t had the stoma’s size checked recently that can also lead to pancaking. Basically I would suggest contacting your nurse; she/he may well suggest an extra disc as @Mum37 describes above. Good luck, Kim :x:


A friend suggested to put a small piece of cotton wool in my bag. It worked for me.


@jenwren, when I first had my temporary stoma, it was fine, you could set your watch by it! Never had a single problem. Then it was switched to a permanent, and that when trouble started. Barely a day went past without a leak, usually caused by pancaking. Often during the night, I got so paranoid, I wouldn't go to stay out anywhere. This went on for months,and I tried every cure I saw suggested. Oil in the bag, some rolled up tissue, KY jelly- you name it, I tried it and none of them helped at all. I finally decided I would give a convex bag a try, so sent off for some samples. I think they sent me about a weeks worth- and instant cure! Literally, from the first bag I have not had the problem since, not a single leak or pancaking, in 6 months. Previously, I wouldn't have managed 6 days! This is a link to the pouches I'm using, I really highly recommend you give them a try.
You can't get samples from the Charter website, but if you follow this link to the SALTS site, you can request some there.
Good Luck.