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General Discussion


Looking for any advice please

Hi all I’ve put a few posts on regarding my poor dad that died resently of stage 4
I went to my gps when dad was diagnosed and asked if I could have the camera
Not really had much bowel symptoms apart from stomach cramps and I’ve started being sick a few times
Anyway had it done today I’ve been told I have a tumour in my caecum which is large they never used the word surpisues which they did with my dad, I’ve had to have blood tests today and am being sent for an mri or ct scan she said wasn’t sure which I needed and wanted to speak to another doctor
I was just wondering if anyone had come across this before I don’t want to google and scare myself
Thank you in advance if anyone knows anything

Bear G

Hi @mini1234
I can’t help directly but I’m tagging @Charlotte Nurse Advisor as she’s fab with this sort of thing.
Big hugs


@mini1234 , oh my days , I cannot offer you any advice, just wanted to know that I’m truly hoping to hear positive news for you following your scan , good luck
Much love


Thank you bear g
I wasn’t sure if I should of wrote it in here I just don’t know where to get advice from without googling it
I made that mistake with my dad diagnosis
Thank You :x::x:


Thank you Tracey means a lot :x::x:


Hi @mini1234

I’m so very sorry you’ve been diagnosed with this. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling so soon after losing dad and being married. This all seems so unfair!

My initial diagnosis was cancer of caecum too.

I know this time will be so difficult for you as you undergo more tests and scans to determine exactly what you’re dealing with.

I’m sending you lots of love and strength for the coming days and weeks.



Hi @mini1234.
I can't help with your question without also googling, which as you say can throw up many scary things sometimes.
I just wanted to say fair play to you for pushing for the camera. Others may not have acted on what you deemed "not really much bowel symptoms". Especially during a time when you were worried about your dad and preparing for a wedding.
Your prompt action will help with any treatment you may or may not need.
All the best.


@mini1234 I am so sorry that you are having to embark on this journey, lots of good support here as you know and a place to rant too, big hugs :x::x::x:


Oh @mini1234 I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this. It seems so unfair after what you have already gone through losing your lovely dad. I had to have a CT and MRI before I was given my diagnosis, the tests and the waiting were the worst bits for me but you are right not to google, it will only scare you as it won’t be specific to you.
Big hugs and love to you :x::x::x:


Hello @mini1234

Sorry to read your post about possible bowel cancer and your experience with your loving dad too. As @Bear G said message one of the on line nurses, and we have all been and some of us continue to go through the anxiety of CT and MRI scans. What I would say is taking each step at a time, such as CT and MRI scan as individual steps, and hopefully they may have caught it early and could be easily treatable.

Anyway my best wishes and good luck for the coming weeks :x::x::x:


Oh @mini1234 I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope it can be resolved quickly. :x::x:


@mini1234 sorry to read this news, hope things can be sorted quickly for you, sending love :x::x:

Bear G

Hi @mini1234
Just wanted to add a little comment. While this waiting for scans etc is very tough, once the diagnosis and staging is confirmed then you’ll be able to get started on your treatment- you’ll be in your front foot doing something positive to deal with it!
As @Jaap said, you’ve got it spotted before it became symptomatic and that gives you a much better chance.
And we’re here for you, every step of the way.
Big hugs


Thank you everyone for your comments advice and support :x::x:

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @mini1234 ,

As others have said I am very sorry to hear this so soon after losing your dad.

Usually with tumours in the caecum a CT scan is done (an MRI can be used as well if needed). Once your team have these results then they can 'stage' the tumour and plan your treatment accordingly.

As others have said this period of waiting is very difficult with anxiety of scan results etc. You are correct not to google as even if what you read is factually accurate everyone's case is different and you will just confuse yourself if you read information which may not be appropriate for you.

Have you been put in touch with a nurse specialist yet? He or she is the best person to give you all the information that is relevant to you.

As others have said we are here to offer you support and information whenever you need it.

Best wishes,



Thank you Charlotte
No I’ve not spoken to any nurse specialist
But I think I will ring the helpline thank you for writing back to me :x::x: