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More stupid reporting by the Daily Mail and disappointingly, the Times!!! I would imagine the convo around the table (like many NHS depts) to be IF we don’t get more help then x y z will happen etc. And some chemo regimes eg Folfoxiri are as effective less cycles than lots of cycles etc. I have one million per cent trust and faith in Oxford, these papers are so irritating aren’t they!! Hope you’re all well xxx @david watt @Bear G :x::x:

Bear G

Not really one for me, I’ll flag it to @RosemaryA who is the charity’s comms person.


@david watt @HH79 @Bear G - just seen this story reported on the BBC lunchtime news, a sorry state of affairs indeed.
Let me chat to the team (we now boast more people following our recent merger) but my instinct is that this is principally a political argument about NHS funding and we'd be something of a sideshow.
Similarly, we could chip in on the A&E crisis, from the angle that there are too many emergency admissions for bowel cancer that could/should be avoided but it feels a bit opportunist and infra dig imho.
We are watching closely though and will post on the forum as and when we do issue comment.
Thanks for flagging and including me in the thread and best wishes to you all :x::x:


Hi @RosemaryA thanks for message. No need to look into on my account I was already given a response as by chance just seen my Onc. Total faith in them all, really disappointing the way the press will have caused upset to px unnecessarily xx @Bear G @david watt