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Operation tomorrow

My husbands op is Friday. He has been told his risk is quite high because of his heart valve although all parties have agreed to operate. His tumour is not bleeding, the blood was coming from a polyp but the tumour was found. All we do today is argue.
He gets so cross if I get upset but I cant help it, after losing my first husband to AML. I find myself thinking the worst and keep thinking the histology will show something really bad. We dont seem able to communicate today without him getting annoyed.


@patti thinking of you both & hoping all has gone well :x::x:


Hi everyone. Thanks for all the messages. I was finally called at 8.30pm to be told that they forgot to call when my husband came out of theatre!! By this time I was frantically worried. Anyway he is on critical care now and they allowed me to go up for half an hour. He was out of it but he did open his eyes for a minute and held my hand so I think he knew I was there. They switched from keyhole to open surgery not sure why yet. He will be on critical care for two days now. His heart was fine they said. Worried still about what they found as they switched the plan. Trying to be positive and take a day at a time. Will let you know tomorrow how he is doing. :x::x:


@patti , hope you get some positive news today , our love to you both :x::x::x:


What a relief for you @patti!

I’m sure all will become clearer today. I’m so glad he’s had op and you’ve seen him too.

Let us know how today goes.

Sending lots of love and very best wishes,

K ????❤️

Lady GT

Good morning @patti , I'm glad your husband's surgery is over. It's a long day, waiting for news, isn't it?
But that's a huge box ticked.
I also hope you get good news today. It's usually easier when you know exactly what you are facing.
Trying to get backwards and forwards to the hospital for a short visit while your husband is in critical care can be very tiring for you. Make sure you take time to eat properly to keep you going.


Hi @patti

I’m pleased surgery is over - it’s awful just waiting isn’t it, you must be so relieved.

Hope today goes well and you manage to get some rest

Take care :x::x::x:


Hi @patti my husband had open surgery a week ago, and like you the surgeon called late, he didn`t call till 2 hours after the op due to having to dash off to an emergency. My mind was racing, so i completely understand your worries and fears. Hoping your husband is feeling a little brighter today and you have managed to get some rest :x::x:


So difficult for family and friends waiting around. We patients are completely out of it and know nothing. I hope he has a quick and easy recovery @patti. :x:


Thank you everyone. Didnt sleep much although very tired. I just called the unit and they let me speak to him on their phone. He says he is fine, little discomfort but has a morphine pump!! I will be going up later this morning. Will let you all know. Hope you are all ok. :x::x:


Hi @patti. I was originally told I would have keyhole but at my pre-assessment the surgeon said he would like to do open so he could 'really get inside and make sure he got everything away'. When I seemed disappointed he said he could start with keyhole and see how it went but revert to open if needed but I told him to start with open if that is what was easiest for him so it may be as simple as that.
He explained that the initial recovery is a bit harder but after the first few weeks there's not much difference.
Hope hubby starts to recover well :x:

Liam B

Hi @patti . Switching from keyhole to open surgery is more common than people might think. It's usually due to "compression " , which means that the internal organs are a bit stuck together ( a bit like a packet of sausages! ) and the surgeon is worried about doing damage to them with the keyhole tools. If I were a surgeon, I'd prefer open surgery anyway , as you can clearly see what you're doing ... and so you're more likely to get the job done properly.


Thank you so much. Makes me feel bit better. i was thinking the tumour was large as surgery has been delayed. Hate all this, brings back all the memories of four years ago with my late husband. Trying to take just one day at a time right now.


Hi visited hubby this morning, he was sitting up in bed with an ice cream!!! Amazing. The anaesthetist called in to see him on his day off and he was amazed as well. He said the surgeon started keyhole but didnt want to do damage as the view was not good so decided to do open. He said his heart was fine throughout. He is bright and has a little discomfort but not too bad considering. Thank you all once again for the support, will keep you updated. :x::x:


That's good news @patti :x:


I bet that ice cream tasted great @patti, lol. So glad that your husband was feeling better. Hope he will be up and about soon. :x::x::x:


Great news @patti :x::x::x:


@patti so glad to hear that your husband is so well after surgery. :x::x::x:


Glad to hear your husbands doing well @patti :x::x:


Hi @patti, how are things going? Hope all going well. :x::x::x: