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Any suggestions

Hello everyone,

I had a CT colonoscopy on the 21st December at the local hospital. While I was there the nurse said the results would be back in 2 weeks, which given Christmas and New Year I thought unlikely. Today, as I haven't heard anything I rang and spoke to the consultants secretary. As I was referred for the procedure by the nurse practitioner of the anemia clinic the scans have gone back to her. She is off sick and although she may be back next week there is no guarantee. The secretary said, oh they will be sat on her desk until she gets back. So it look likes another wait of about two weeks.
I am finding the waiting incredibly difficult and the thought of another two weeks seems intolerable. So I suppose what I'm asking is can I request that some one else actually gets the scans off her desk and looks at them or do I just resign myself to waiting?


Hi Barney. If I feel angry at this I can only imagine how you feel! This is totally intolerable in any event and especially if there is a suspicion of bowel cancer. You need to batter a few doors down. Is your GP likely to be any support? Can you find out who this nurse's boss is and approach them? You should never take "no" from a medical secretary. There are strict guidelines and timescales for cancer assessments that aren't changed by an individual being off sick. If necessary use the complaints procedure, or go to PALS. Go for it!


Hi @barney123, that is incredibly annoying and seems rather an inefficient way of dealing with patients' results when they cause so much anxiety. Perhaps call the anemia clinic and see if there is someone there who is taking care of the nurse practitioner's in tray? I would call and email anyone that seems relevant (look up the hospital staff list on line) just to see if you can get a reply - but others on here may have better suggestions. Good luckx


My hubby was told immediately about findings so perhaps this is a good sign although its not good to leave you hanging.:x:


@barney123. No two ways about it - you must 100% start making some noise here. Get back on that phone and make a complaint. There is no way you should have to wait two more weeks. He who shouts loudest and all that........

Best of luck - keep pushing. Tiffany :x:


Agree with all that has already been said @barney123. That wait is not acceptable and if the nurse practitioner is ill then someone else should deal with it. :x::x::x:


Another annoyed person here @barney123!!,

I think a nice polite enquiry with PALS should do the trick in this instance and while you’re there you can enquire about how to request a full copy of all your records and images for yourself. (You don’t actually have to request them though unless you wish) This ought to be enough to get things moving. If the Hospital is near, why not pop in rather than call (and perhaps be fobbed off once again!)

Good luck and let us know how it goes will you?

K ????❤️


Hi @barney123 when I was waiting for scan results my GP could access my results on the hospital computer. I knew one of my results before I heard from my surgeon. Hope you get some answers soon c


Hi @barney123, I am sure that there is more than one colorectal nurse in the trust. Just keep gentle pressure as @Bear G says, and the same with the secretaries. Become that squeaky wheel, and contact the radiologist. I really feel for you. Keep in touch, will you.:x::x:


Hello @Clancy @chrissie @Baxter2 @Alwyn @Tiffany @daveswife @SariDaffs and @AlanD50
Thank you for all your support and advice. I emailed a complaint through to the complaint team this morning. About an hour later a member of the complaints team rang to say that the secretary had taken my scans off the nurses desk and a consultant would look at them after he had done his ward rounds. At one thirty he rang back to say the consultant had looked at them and there was no evidence of any abnormality.
I feel extremely blessed to have received this news. I would like to continue to be a member of this forum as a supporter. I have been amazed by the support and by the terrible nature of bowel cancer and the impact it has on people's lives.


Great news @barney123. Amazing isn't it what a little complaint can do!


Great news @barney123 - both the results and that your persistence paid off. I have loads to respect and to be grateful for in my care from local medical staff. Our lives literally depend on them. But sometimes the systems and processes need a bit of a nudge!


Brilliant news all round @barney123!

Hope you stay with us all on the forum! Of course you are more than welcome! Now you can breathe a sigh of relief and go celebrate!

Best wishes,



So pleased for you @barney123 brilliant news :x::x:


Wonderful news, @barney123, So relieved for you.:x::x:


So pleased for you @barney123 and hope you can stay around to support the charity.

Like you, when I was waiting for my first oncology appointment, i was told that my notes were in a heap on someone's desk. It is awful to think that, while your life is at risk, your are only seen as part of a 'heap'!


Hello @Lizalou you have summed up exactly how I felt. It's very sad I think that to get anywhere a complaint has to be made. I am certainly intending to do whatever I can for the charity. I have already had a look at the volunteering opportunities, and really want to raise awareness of the charity.


Oh @barney123 I am so pleased to hear of your results! And well done for being persistent.....that first waiting stage is excruciating and one that didn't need to be prolonged.

So pleased you are wanting to help raise awareness of the charity. I wish I had been handed info on it when I was first given my diagnosis - would have been very useful to have had info provided to me by my colorectal team :)

The advice I have received here has been invaluable. So much so, that my onc actually wrote in his last consultation report that 'Wendy is very well informed' (in relation to my questions and understandings about the chemo I was about to start). All because of this forum!

Thanks everyone here :x::x::x: