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Stage 4 bowel cancer


Post re-do of liver resection

Hi everybody, in HDU at the Manchester Royal, I finally had my surgery at 12.30, should have been At 8am, no beds, I honestly thought that I was going to be cancelled. Winter flu, people are really suffering with this grotty chest flu. I feel great, epidural working a treat, and I am eating anything that isn't nailed down. Being looked after in good style at the Hilton. Bye for now. Ann Marie.:x::x:


So glad that you are on the mend @Clancy. Best wishes :x::x:

Polly 1

Glad you are being looked after and pain under control - soon be home :x:


Check you typing whilst you're in HDU @Clancy! I can hardly string two words together (morphine). So glad that you have now had your op and are recovering in style. Wishing you a continued smooth recovery :x::x:

Polly 1

I thought that as well @mem ?

Although just asked C what he was like in HDU after his liver op and he said the first thing he had to do was recite our home number and my mobile number as the nurse was going to ring and tell me he had arrived there OK.... I still dont know my own mobile number and he remembered it perfectly.

The worse thing he remembers in there were the 'damp sponges' they give you to suck on when you are so thirsty after being nil by mouth from the early hours until early evening!


Thanks @mem, I am now on the ward, at least I haven't gone dulally with a UTI this time lol, telling a Professor that I was between th 1/2% where the liver fails, he looked horrified. On the whole though, I feel great. Hope you are continuing to recover at a great pace.:x::x:

springer michelle

Great to hear from you from Hdu bed, and pleased you're now back on the ward. Take it easy :x::x:


I will, I didn't last time no developed a small hernia, which he has now repaired. Thankyou Michelle, hope you are well, and managing your working life too.:x::x:

Bear G

Wow @Clancy , great you’ve had the op and it’s been a success. I think this might be a record for posting following surgery ?
Now please rest up and look after yourself
Big hugs


@Clancy great to hear that your surgery took place and you are out of HDU - wishing you a speedy recovery and discharge home to your own bed :) Take care and rest! Jane :x::x::x:


Hi @Clancy,

How are things going today? Any news of getting home this weekend?

Sending big hugs,



Hi @Baxter2, I am doing nicely thanks, catheter out, epidural down, and I had a shower. I had a bit of an emotional day yesterday, I think we all get those. I had been asking since Tuesday if someone would wheel me to the toilet, the physics and nurses said no, unsafe, because I had a drain, catheter, and epidural in. So I refused the commode at the bedside. So at 4pm the physios came bounding onto the ward with a hop skip and a jump asking if I would like to walk to the toilet and I must be more mobile or I will develop later problems. I gently reminded her that I needed to go yesterday and I am now very tired and in pain. The charge nurse stepped in and saved me, phew.
Yesterday reminded me of when new mum's milk "comes in"that is how I felt.
I am staying in hospital over weekend, my drain is still quite active, and HB only 8.1.
I should be back to normal by tomorrow. Been watching Miranda on my iPad, she cracks me up.
Thanks for asking,
Sending hugs.:x::x:


Oh that’s all perfectly understandable @Clancy! I know exactly what you mean.

I would have thought with and HB of only 8.1 you may well be offered a transfusion? I had 4 bags when I was in for my CRS and HIPEC. Two were in theatre and the next two on the ward. I felt like a new woman when I had the two on the ward!

Hope your weekend goes well and just take your time!

Lots of love and hugs,

Karen ????❤️


OOo i missed that you had had your op @Clancy, wishing you a speedy recovery!! Get booking that cruise :x::x::x:


Speedy recovery @Clancy. You have given me confidence for my liver op which has now been moved to Tuesday. :x::x::x::x:


@charleyb, you have had enough to think about lately. But thank you anyway, I certainly will get booking and I am going to sell the house and downsize. Hope Charley is continuing to improve every day.
@nat, I am confident that you will do well with your op. Good luck we are both Tuesday girls. I found the liver op easier than bowel op. Take care ad keep in touch with us.:x::x:


So great to hear op went well @Clancy :)
Sometime down the line I hope to have a liver op if possible ..... your chirpy words inspire me!

Big smiles - Wendy :x::x:


Hello @Clancy hope you are recovering well, sympathise about drains, epidural etc, maybe going through the same next week. You are a champion.......hugs and positive healing thoughts :x::x::x:


Aww Thankyou @GD1962, you probably will be going through it next week or week after. This re-do took 5.5 hours whereas original 3 hours. Lots of scar tissue to get through. He said liver very soft and smooth, probably the effects of the chemo. @StellieHB recommends FOLFOX as part of her skin care routine. I am more of a Panitumumab type of girl, it makes me look so grotty that I look really well when it is all over.
The drains are ok, I think it's more of an infection control thing.
How fortunate are we to have a cancer hospital, and an excellent liver unit on our doorstep.
I have been listening to my Rhonda Byrne CD's about gratitude, and practising it too. Do you know ho your surgeon is yet? They will have you in quick, I am so happy for you, these are positive times ahead. Positive healing.:x::x:


@Clancy - you are just incredible! I hope you’re still feeling ok? All those things they pump into you in hospital can make you feel worse as time goes on. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery and big hugs on the way... ? ps ‘Typing on the HDU’ and laughing at Miranda after an op? Girl Power!!!