Raising Awareness


Campaign for better diagnosis in younger patients

I am raising awareness of bowel cancer in the under 50s and campaigning for better diagnosis of bowel diseases and ultimately bowel cancer in younger people, see my post in the blog section. A friend has designed some possible campaign logos, I can't choose, please could you help and tell me which you like best or if you hate them all......


I like the last one too. I’d love to help with your campaign - I feel very strongly about it having been misdiagnosed/ignored by 6 different Drs for 6 months then found out to have what is now stage 4 bowel cancer. I’d have been diagnosed by colonoscopy within 2 weeks If I was over 50!


I like 2 and 5 - perhaps change the question mark in 5 to the same as in 2 though ( if that makes sense!).P :x::x:

Michaels Mum

For me its number 2. First off I thought last 2 but agree with @Sparkles the second one makes you look and think a bit! I would also help with the campaign this dreadful disease knows no age limits. My son was in hospital having surgery last week with 2 other people under 35 having bowel cancer surgery-he is 24 diagnosed at 22. We need to raise awareness :x::x:


I like the last one :x:


Nr 2. A’s it’s going through the gut :x:


I agree with Bridget55, and I hope campaign really takes off. It's truly very scary that younger patients are getting bowel cancer..:x::x:


Like second one best. Last two are too swirly: simple is best, especially as this will be aimed at the uninitiated who don't have the knowledge that we have.


@Scattyblonde I like the last one too actually! Good luck with the campaigning!


Adding my weight to number 2.


I like no 2 as it's simpler - people will recognise it as a question mark whereas may not understand what the more squiggly ones mean :x:

Polly 1

I like number 2 - looks like a question mark so would be recognised


I spoke with Deborah Alsina, CEO of Bowel Cancer UK today - wow what an amazing and passionate lady, and so much in the pipeline for raising awareness and improving diagnosis in the young! Watch out Bowel Cancer you are on your way to being beaten!


This is a great idea @Scattyblonde. I also like number 2 best. Best of luck with this, it's such an important cause :x::x:


@Scattyblonde, this is great! The more that can be done to raise awareness the better.
I prefer the second one but if I had to choose another it would be the last one.
Lots of luck :x::x::x:


@Scattyblonde isn’t she amazing and such a social CEO!!


Plus one for number 2. It gives the logo a complete look. Best of luck for the campaign though.


No 2, as it sort of jumps out at me and grabs my attention! :x: