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painful colonoscopy failed - now being repeated

I had my follow up colonoscopy last year and it failed due to pain. In theory I was 'sedated' but I was wide awake and it was agony. (the very first one I had pre-surgery was no problem) Surgeon has decided to attempt another scope tomorrow evening. Am now getting nervous about the whole thing - he says he will give me more sedation but he told me he gave me loads last time and absolutely no effects were felt.
any thoughts on how to feel less scared?


Hi @andakitkat

I believe some units offer gas and air but not sure if this is instead of or in addition to sedation? Perhaps you could call in the morning and ask the question?

Good luck and I really hope it goes smoothly this time.

K ????❤️


HI @andakitkat . I really hope the scope goes well. I think they offer gas and air or sedation in most hospitals. I never found the sedation actually made me feel sedated at all. Last time I had one, my surgeon did it and after the anaesthetist gave me half the syringe I sad I wanted more and the lovely surgeon said quietly, give her the rest! So, for the first time I was sedated and felt calm and it was fine. So they can give you more than the standard dose and I hope they do and you get through it. The fact your nervous is totally understandable. I also think it depends who does the procedure. My experience is some are better at doing it than others. Best of luck, let us know how it goes. Angie :x:


thanks for reply - I never considered gas and air but will see if its an option. my surgeon is very considerate and said he very rarely has 'failures' so he is very aware of what happened last time. still very nervous!


Hi @andakitkat, My first colonoscopy was done with entonox (gas and air) and I found it ok (felt a bit 'spaced out' but it wears off quickly) and some intravenous buscopan. I then had a follow up flexi sig when it was so painful I was crying (and they were taking ages to find what they were looking for), then others have been almost pain free (no sedation offered)! I would definitely ask them about the gas and air ...