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Gary not Gavin

Help very painful peeing?

I have had a picc line in and 2 five day courses of chemo along with radiotherapy every five day total 28 days in all. I have bowel cancer stage T2N but the doctor thinks i could have a good response wait and see. I also have had a colostomy done 16th Nov 2017 and various test done because i seem to be getting pains weeing the pain is so bad. I went to A@E who gave me cream for thrush which its not i tell the oncologist who just says to take the zormorph paracetamol and liq oramorph that sometimes helps the pain but no the soreness he keeps on saying it is radiotherapy burns but i need help my penis is sore when i try to pee and is getting worse. Please please any help would be really appreciated. Gavin. :x::x:

Gary not Gavin

Also sick and tired of the rental discharge as my bum gets wet and i wake up so have sleepless nights all the time. I do sit on the toilet and pass mucus. Until the cancer is dealt with surgeon says will happen as the bowel is i intact. No one tells you about the mucus problems. Gavin

Lady GT

Good morning @Gary not Gavin , I'm sorry to hear you are having problems.
All I can say is that Lord GT had similar, very painful peeing following his radiotherapy treatment. And yes, it did get slightly worse when his treatment ended, before it slowly got better.
To be honest, it was a very low point for him, as it seems to be for you. He was getting up several times a night for a painful pee, so wasn't getting much sleep, which dragged him down.

Strange though it sounds, drinking lots of water helped. Yes, it made him pee more often but the urine was diluted and seemed easier to pass.
He also drank cranberry juice, which is apparently good for the urinary system and certainly won't do you any harm.
It's truly horrible but please believe me when I say it WILL get better ... slowly.

As for the rectal discharge, this wasn't too much of a problem for His Lordship, but he did get uncomfortable 'down there', and the doctor gave him some suppositories.
This prompted the lower bowel to empty itself of the mucous and gave him some relief. It might be worth asking your own doctor about this?

I feel for you, it can be very depressing. But it IS normal and it WILL get better.


@Gary not Gavin , sorry you are having such an awful time , my husband had an awful time with mucas so much so he was practically housebound for the first 3 months following his op , loperamide one in the morning and one bedtime was his miracle cure , obviously this was advice from his team , so might be worth asking
Good luck
Tracey :x::x:

Gary not Gavin

Thanks Lady GT and Sweetcheeks any help grateful. I wondered if they could cut my arsehole and willy area away go and service them then stick em back would be so much easier. Cannot stand this pain and it always seems to flare up at the weekend brilliant. xxx thanks will spk to consultant who done colostomy to see if she will prescribe.