Just Diagnosed


Just found out my husband cancer

Last week my husband was told he has a tumour and it is cancerous. He had a CT scan 2 days later and we are going to meet with the consultant next Wednesday. Thankful it is all moving very fast. Don’t know what to expect when we meet with the consultant and nervous about what he is going to say. Our daughter is a Nurse so she is helping us to come to terms with our life now.


Sorry to hear, it’s devastating news to get, glad it’s all moving quickly and hopefully you’ll have a treatment plan soon to start dealing with it. Stay strong and positive :x::x::x:

Liam B

All the best to you both, Sian.


Hi @Sia and a very warm welcome to the forum! I’m sure you’ll find lots of information, advice (if you want it) and wonderful support from the lovely people on here!

The early days during diagnosis are pretty tough going and thankfully for you, things are moving at good pace! The only advice I would offer is to take things a day at a time until you have the full picture and treatment plan. Once the plan is in place, things somehow become a little bit more manageable.

Hopefully you’ll stay in touch and let us know how things go?

Sending you both all my very best wishes,

K ????❤️

P.s. welcome to you too @Liam B!


Sorry to hear that - it's a massive shock when you/loved one is told that you have cancer. It takes a while to process everything. I find this site is a great help and makes you realise that your not alone :x::x:

Polly 1

Hi @Sia sorry to hear you have to join us but you are in the right place for advice, information and support. Please also consider joining the private 'relative to relative' section of the forum as well where relatives/friends can discuss things and privately support each other away from the main forum.

We have all been where you are now its a hard place to be but believe me things do start to get better once a treatment plan is in place (whatever it is).

Make sure you go to the Consultant's meeting with a notebook so you can scribble down what he/she says as its hard to remember everything afterwards. I guess you may have your nurse daughter with you? So she will probably know what questions to ask.

Just ask away anything you want to know - usually somebody on the forum will have been through it before and will know. Also there is a nurses section where you can ask medical questions.

Anyway all the best to you and your hubby and hope all goes OK at the meeting on Wednesday :x::x:


Sorry to hear about your husband @@Sia. Just to say that I agree with the other comments here, take it one day at a time at the moment - things will get clearer and you will also find there is help and support available. Best wishes Sarah :x:


hello @Sia

Hope it all works out, my partner is a nurse too and I prefer to keep him away from consultations and leave the medics and surgeons to do their thing. I'm medically trained and never mention anything to medical staff as don't want to be a back seat driver.

Good luck :x:


Good morning @Sia , we all can remember very clearly the moment we were told “ it’s Cancer “ life changes from that very second, but I promise you do some how adjust to a new normal, these lovely lot have got me through some very dark times, take each appointment as it comes and take time to absorb all the new information which will be thrown at you , never be afraid to ask questions or think “ I can’t ask that they’ll think it’s silly “ if it’s a worry it’s not silly, try not to think to far ahead, get through each day , appointment, and report one at a time, hugs lots cry if you need too and talk,
We all have one dreadful thing in common here , so we truly do understand how you are feeling, click on our individual stories if you wish ,
Thinking of you both
Much love


Hi. My hubby diagnosed 1 November at his colonoscopy. I was so terrified. I just want to say after we saw the consultant things were much better. Hubby had operation 12th January. There were delays as he had to have extra tests as he has a valve in his heart needs replacing. Once you see the consultant and there is a plan for you as the others have said you will feel much better. My hubby is now recovering in hospital but we have to wait now for the staging. As its the weekend we havent seen his surgeon yet. Try to do one step at a time, I am not good at that but it does help. Keep coming on here with your worries and feelings as the people on here are so lovely and it does make me feel better having their support. :x::x::x::x:


Thanks you so much guys. Your words mean so much to me. :x::x::x:


We all try to support each other @Sia. The help and care on this forum is fantastic and can help at times of worry and stress. :x::x::x: