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Possible cure

Has anyone read about broccoli and yoghurt probiotic trials on mice curing bowel cancer? Cant hurt to try can it?


Good morning @daveswife . If you do a search you will see there have been lots of intense debates on the forum, and even arguments, about the suggestion that food can cure cancer. There have been trials also. There are certainly lots of foods which provide benefits, and we all know that a healthy balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg and exercise is recommended both as a prevention, and a suggested way of reducing recurrence. There are also lots of people who have cashed in on writing books about how to cure cancer with foods and other lotions and potions which maybe pray on the vulnerable who have this awful disease , giving false hope. . I think you may find it interesting to do a search of diet debates on here, and try anything that seems healthy . Lots of love. Angie :x::x:


Oh PS, always ask your oncologist about trying anything out of the ordinary if you are on chemo.:x:

david watt

@daveswife I read a similar article online. It was more about preventing the cancer returning after surgery, which in our cases has already happened. Still I had broccoli ? with my evening meal last night, plus a Holland and Barratt probiotic tablet ?. It can do no harm in my view and might help, if unlikely to be a magic cure. Secondary colon cancer is a terminal disease, if you do what was done before you will get what usually happens which is an unpleasant death. Trying changing diets and eating healthy foods can do no harm, tree ? nuts are also supposed to be good. Also looking at new clinical trials is a good idea before things get to bad for taking part. Chemotherapy is a temporary life extender for most of us, and sometimes works for weeks sometimes years, at some point it always stops working and you need to see what other options there are.
Best wishes David


Secondary colon cancer is a terminal disease,
This is simply not correct david watt. It depends upon individual circumstances and it's not cut and dried like that.
If you have limited secondary bowel cancer in the liver it can be cured. There are several whom I have 'known' on here over the years in that position. I had a small secondary in liver and one in lung found in 2012. Both were removed. My last scan in December was clear- that is 5 and a half years. I also correspond with a lady on here who has had several lung tumours dealt with over many years and has now been cancer free for a good number of years.
I am not saying I am cured but I am currently cancer free.


In my personal opinion, and from what I have learnt from my hubby's situation, you are both neither right nor wrong. I think @Gypsy that perhaps (tell me if I am wrong @david watt) that what David meant was that there is no cure for advanced / secondary bowel cancer with just chemotherapy alone.

@Gypsy you mentioned that you had both your small tumours removed - I assume that is via an operation. Also the others you mention "who has had several lung tumours dealt with" was that via surgery or ablation?

It is true to say that surgery / procedures and so on can provide a cure for cancer if they are taken out and promptly dealt with. I also think it's true to say that in very rare cases, if at all, someone with advanced bowel cancer who is inoperable will never be totally cured by chemotherapy alone.

My hubby is currently in this situation. He was inoperable. He had chemotherapy that reduced down the tumours so they are no longer visible on scans (NED - No Evidence of Disease) yet we have been warned that there is a 90% chance that he will have a reoccurrence. I'm hanging on to the hope that my hubby will be in the 10% that don't get it back. You never know!!!!

It is right though that everybody is different and bodies cope in different ways. I also feel, going back to the original topic, that as David says there is absolutely no harm in eating healthily and adding in as much superfood as possible. Do I believe that broccoli and probiotics cure cancer - absolutely not!!! Wouldn't that be amazing though!

Tiffany :x::x:


Thank you for your uplifting words @Tiffany!
Smiley hugs - Wendy :x:


As I said @daveswife , the subject always gets a debate going!


.... and lets not forget that the power of the mind can make a difference to prognosis, and if anyone believes they are making a difference to themselves then this will help them.... this is the placebo effect and it is hugely powerful. Fact!

Sarah :x:


Big hearty yeah to that @Sasa!

Today I found myself wondering if any trials had been done on the healing power of Oxytocin. Just about to post an interesting article I found about it....

Wendy :x:

Bear G

In terms of diet and supplements I’m with @angepange and definitely encourage everyone to check with their oncologist before doing anything if they’re on chemo.

I asked my oncologist when I started and he was strongly in favour of a healthy balanced diet and against supplements, especially those which boost antioxidants as they could decrease the efficacy of the chemo.

And I think most of you know I’m a big believer in the power of positivity too! I had exceptional results from my chemo and my nurse said that half was due to the chemo itself and half due to my positive outlook!



Luckily my uncertainty, anxiety and lack of this positivity @Bear G and @Sasa , (as much as I tried I couldn’t muster it), hasn’t affected my good outcome so far, though I will admit my life probably hasn’t been as upbeat during that time as some. Just got to do what feels right and is achievable to each individual, and this will be as varied and diverse as our personalities are. :x::x:


@daveswife, hiya hope you are well. The only thing I do is to try and keep inflammation down in my body, it can wreak havoc, as I have dodgy knees. My immunity is not too bad even on chemo. So I am going to try to eat right for my blood type, I will give it a month and let you know.
Also on the day of chemo usually 10.30 on a Saturday, I would have green tea only. No food and once the chemo was going through I would graze my way through my Christie, "go to bag", and visualise the chemo gobbling up the tumour, like packman. Simple things, and everyone has their coping strategies that work for them.
I also never use the words fight or battle, because it introduces negativity into my life.
I hope some of our forum friends can shed some light on their best ideas and share them to you.:x::x:


Agree wholeheartedly with @Sasa and @Bear G that positivity and mind over mater, regardless of the mode adopted by the person which or inspiration have tangible benefits in contributing to the effectiveness of treatment.

Good luck :)


Well said @Clancy, if you use the words like ‘fight’ or ‘battle’ you’re just fighting yourself!

Sarah :x: