Bowel cancer treatment and side effects



Follow Geoff’s reversal in November, Geoff has awful problems with his bowels we have also had a couple of disastrous days out after having no control, we saw the surgeon this week who didn’t seen overly concerned and repeated colorectal nurses advice on keep trying combinations of meds , today we had a letter from surgeon outlining his appointment and it says that Geoff’s had his rectum removed , which is something we weren’t aware of , we new that Geoff’s was rectal
Cancer, but naively thought it was a resection if rectum, would this expiain why Geoff is having so much trouble, colorectal nurse has also said Geoff has resection syndrome, I have read the booklet regaining bowel control, which was very interesting,
Tracey :x:


Hi - I'm so sorry to hear that Geoff is having so many problems.
It is my understanding that having no rectum makes it a lot harder to get control.
I don't have a rectum either now , but apparently my surgeon made me a pouch , and I have to say my recovery has been accident free .
I also did and still do a LOT of pelvic floor exercises.
Imodium is definitely a help when necessary, and wine gums help too .


Hello sweetcheeks. So sorry to hear that Geoff is still having trouble after his reversal. I also had rectal cancer and everything I have read suggests it is harder to regain control if you have had part of your rectum removed.

I'm really surprised that you weren't informed that Geoff had had his rectum removed before they did the reversal :( I think we should be made aware of any difficulties related to our particular situation before we make any treatment decisions.

I know this may not be much help to you and Geoff but you have helped me. Going to discuss my reversal on Wednesday and I want to know exactly how much rectum I have left and what that means in terms of regaining control!

I know it seems hard right now, but I know with you in his corner, Geoff will get the better of this. Stay strong!


@AliceB @sgjools , sorry I missed your reply, I must admit I’m confused as initial letter said anterior resection, no mention of rectum removed, second letter said following rectal removal ,
We were aware it was rectal cancer, from day 1 ,
So much information, in brain overload!!!
Much love
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Hi @sweetcheeks hope Geoff feels better soon, you are doing a marvellous job, remember to take some time for yourself :x::x:


@sweetcheeks I asked my surgeon yesterday and he said they'd removed my rectum too. I wonder why they don't just tell you that as soon as it happens, because IMO, it is relevant in future decisions. It was definitely the deciding factor for me and I've told my surgeon I don't want the reversal.

Both the surgeon and the nurse assured me control DOES return though. I hope it happens soon for Geoff. Take care.


Hi @sgjools , interesting reading your post, yes your so right, I’ve just asked Geoff how he would of felt if he had known, and he says he totally understands your decision as tve last 7 weeks have been hell!!!
But the only difference was Geoff never could except his stoma , even though I did all the changing etc he couldn’t look at it even , so would never of come to terms ( though it was actually a lot easier than now !!!)!
Good luck with everything, lovely to hear from you
Much love