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General Discussion


Macmillan On Line Holistic Needs Assessment

Hi all

Has anyone participated in the Macmillan Holistic Needs Assessment, had been sent it by specialist liver nurse at Manchester Royal Infirmary and found it useful. I think that Macmillan to a care plan, is very easy to use and covers a lot of core needs.

Any feedback would be interesting :x:


Hi @GD1962 . I was given a paper version of this as part of a standard pack-up when I was first diagnosed, prior to operation and well before starting chemotherapy. I was told there was no pressure to complete or return it - it was there if I felt I needed it. I agree it covers a wide range of needs/concerns, however, it seemed to me to only be aimed at problems/concerns that had occurred/had experienced in the past week and, at that time I didn't really have any. The form gave no indication what 'follow up' might have happened if I had completed it. In the end I didn't use it; any concerns I had about the operation were addressed direct with the consultant and ward team and similar for the chemo. However, I have approached Macmillan separately for advice and guidance; they offer direct access to a Citizens Advice Bureau adviser (in my area) - very prompt and efficient and quicker than going through the usual CAB route.


Hi @chris61

Thanks for that! I will see if there is any feedback but I never really use MacMillan as seemed a bit broad brush and some of the help was stuff I could do myself. But I an sure they do a lot of good for other people no doubt.

Cheers :)