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Advice please

Follow Geoff’s reversal in November, Geoff has awful problems with his bowels we have also had a couple of disastrous days out after having no control, we saw the surgeon this week who didn’t seen overly concerned and repeated colorectal nurses advice on keep trying combinations of meds , today we had a letter from surgeon outlining his appointment and it says that Geoff’s had his rectum removed , which is something we weren’t aware of , we new that Geoff’s was rectal
Cancer, but naively thought it was a resection if rectum, would this expiain why Geoff is having so much trouble, colorectal nurse has also said Geoff has resection syndrome, I have read the booklet regaining bowel control, which was very interesting,
Tracey :x:
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Bear G

Hi Tracey @sweetcheeks
Charlotte the nurse is away on hols next week so will reply to you when you're back.
In the meantime I'd suggest making another call to Geoff's colorectal nurse to get specific advice in your new knowledge and to see if they can give more practical advice.
Sorry I can't be of help
Big hugs

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @sweetcheeks,

Thank you for your post and I am sorry to hear that you and Geoff were not fully aware of the details of his surgery. Understanding the nature of the operation and how this will affect his bowel function afterwards is key to managing the problems of erratic bowel function post-operatively.

Whilst it is entirely normal to experience these sorts of problems following surgery in many people things do settle down to a more acceptable pattern. This, however can take several months or even up to a year post reversal.

The booklet you have read gives some fairly straightforward advice on how to try to manage things in the early stages (and despite his reversal being in November it is still considered to be the early stages). If after some months there is no improvement then a diagnosis of Anterior Resection Syndrome can be applied. This term is so-called because the operation he has had is called an Anterior Resection of Rectum. The collection of symptoms patients can experience after removal of the rectum are collectively referred to as Anterior Resection Syndrome.

As you will have read there are further, slightly more involved treatments that can be tried to treat the condition if the simpler methods are not successful.

This is a well-recognised condition and Geoff's nurse specialist and surgical team should help him with trying the various methods of managing this condition.

With kindest regards,



Thankyou Charlotte, I think we may have a long road ahead :x: