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Hello I’m new on here

Hi all, I actually joined a few days ago and have seen so much love and support people give to each other on here so I thought I should introduce myself and share my story.

I am a 50 year old female, diagnosed with recto sigmoid cancer on December 15th 2017. After all the usual tests MRI scans and blood tests, it was confirmed that there was no metastic disease but MRI confirmed recto sigmoid cancer at 6cm extending posterirly involving presacal fascia and anterior, and adjacent lymph nodes.

When I had my sigmoidoscopy it was almost impassable, and consequently get very constipated, currently taking Movicol, terrified of getting a blockage and my planned surgery turns into emergency surgery.

My treatment plan is 6 weeks chemo radiation (capecitabine tablets) to hopefully reduce the size of the tumor. Once this is finished the plan is to operate.

I have one more appointment this week, for .per assessment chemo, then it all starts on the 24th January, so starting to feel very anxious and overwhelmed by all the literature I was given to read ?.

If anyone has gone through a similar treatment plan, I would be very grateful for any tips or advise.

I wish everyone fighting this horrid disease much love :x::x:

Bear G

Hi @Salgal
Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you've found us and hope you find this to be a friendly and supportive place.
Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but glad it's been caught before it spread, that's great news.
Part of our diagnoses is similar - I was 49 when I was diagnosed and my primary was at the rectosigmoid junction. My primary was also huge and almost completely blocked my bowel.
The difference was that it had spread to mu liver and lungs at diagnosis.
Our treatment routes are different (I had urgent surgery a few days after diagnosis followed by chemo).
The key thing is that was well over 4 years ago and I'm still kicking!
It sounds like you've got a great team looking after you, a great treatment plan, and most importantly a great attitude to all this!
We'll be here to support you all the way and just ask if there's anything you need help with.
Big hugs


Hi @Salgal

Welcome and lovey to read your post that you have been caught at an early stage, as that is marvellous news.

Hugs and positive healing thoughts :x:


Hello and welcome @Salgal

It is a lot to take in over Christmas. must be feeling shell-shocked! But, as GD says, great that it has been diagnosed early. Once you get on the treatment journey, you will actually feel calmer.

Lots here started with the chemo -radiation so they can give you some support with that (I escaped that and went straight to surgery)

Best wishes :x:


Hi @@Salgal, welcome here, there is lots and lots of support and information in this forum. My story is extremely similar to yours, although I was diagnosed at 56. I went through chemoradiation last summer to shrink the tumour and rather miraculously they found that I had a complete clinical response to the treatment and I am currently doing a watch and wait (with a second opinion booked for February in London). So, you never know what will happen!
I found that the chemoradiation in itself was not unpleasant (at least to me), the staff were lovely and very organised. I had to keep out of the sun and all of that (bought some special skin cream but it was not really necessary), I just found I slept a lot and felt a bit tired at the end but nothing terrible. Just keep eating healthily, drink lots of water, and do a spot of gentle exercise.
So, good luck on your treatment and let us know how it goes ... Sarah :x:


Hi @Bear G

Thank you for the warm welcome :) and you message filled me with great hope and optimism, 4 years is amazing I’ve no doubt you have had your ups and downs along he way but so lovely to read ?? I feel in a very strange place, mentally, this is down to the fact I lost my partner in July last year to a rare blood cancer, he fought for 2 years, but was just to weak to take the ravage off a 3rd bone marrow transplant. So as you can probably understand it’s all still very sore and raw and still grieving for him, so feeling quite numb not just my diagnoses but life in general, but I also feel he is giving me the strength not to stress about what’s happening and just going with it.

Red lipstick all the way ?


Hi @SariDaffs:

Thanks for the tips, I will try to eat healthy and drink lots of water etc.

My heart just fills for you, what an amazing response to treatment you must have been over the moon. I’m staying hopeful that I will get through the treatment without to many side effects, it I know everyone is different so I’ll just take one day at a time so thank you for the warm welcome and will keep in touch.

Red lipstick Ll the way ? :x::x:


Hi @Salgal and a very warm welcome to the forum from me too! I’m sure you’ll find a great bunch of people here all ready to cheer you on and offer their support and advice if you want it!

I don’t have direct experience of a diagnosis and treatment plan similar to yours but just wanted to offer my support!

You have to be a pretty special person to be going through what you are having recently lost your lovely partner. I have nothing but admiration for you......and your red lipstick!

Sending lots of love and strength your way!

K ????❤️


Hiya @Salgal and another big warm welcome from me too!
I had 5 weeks of radiochemo, and it went really well.....the staff at the unit were amazing (Rosemere, Preston). I met lots of interesting people and found the whole experience really interesting! Being a sci fi fan I actually think the machines themselves are amazing. Just so impressed with the technology of treatment these days.

Also the treatment shrunk my tumour and reduced my symptoms so I feel like a normal human being again! Once treatment starts and you get a handle on what is going on it will be easier......

Big smiles Wendy :x::x::x:

springer michelle

Welcome to you, but sorry we have to meet here. I had chemoradiotherapy before my op, which had an an amazing response. It's not a tough treatment to go through, but very draining. I think I was lucky cos I had a stoma before my chemoradiotherapy therefore my output went into the bag and not out of my back passage. You will soon get into the daily routine, try to put on a very brave face, ctry when you need to and cross those treatments off, and then you can get to the next stage of your journey. Look at my profile , good luck to you :x::x: