Life with bowel cancer

Kate M

to be (terminal) or not to be (terminal) with apologies to Shakespeare!

When I last posted back in November, following my abscesses malarkey, I had just been informed my MRI scan showed I had mets in my liver and I was now terminal. This was told me during doctors' ward rounds by, presumably, the duty registrar and his team. Not only was I devastated to be told my chemo was now stopped and I had a few months to a year to live but so were my family and friends. Can you believe at the next consultant's appt (the following week) I was told the MRI scan showed the 'mets' were benign and I had my life back again. How could this happen? Has anyone else had this experience? Just to update - in December I had vaginal bleeding so back to A &E who discovered, and removed, a polyp from my uterus. The doctor could see nothing to alarm her in there but I am still waiting for the biopsy results from that. However, I am now back on chemo and had 2 consecutive rounds of treatment for the first time - yipeee!(something usually crops up to defer the next one!) Am hopeful for another next week so am concentrating on keeping well. Hope you all had a good Christmas and the New Year brings good fortune. Kate :x::x:


That’s shocking @Kate M , can you complain? But good news too of course!

Sarah :x:


Oh my goodness @Kate M !!

Although I don't think you and your family will ever feel quite the same again, it would be worth pursuing so that no one else has to suffer. I understand that sometimes diagnoses are open to interpretation, but there is no way that you should have been written off in such a callous manner.

Anyway...onwards and upwards . Hope that the present issue is dealt with better and that you keep healthy for your chemo.


Kate M

Yes other people have said I should complain. I did mention it when I went for my next appt and the registrar did apologise on their behalf but I just want to get on with the treatment and not get bogged down in goodness knows what. My oncologist is not the most empathetic man at the best of times. I did query with my doctor if I could change my consultant but he said it could cause delays in my treatment. So I just soldier on. My biggest worry is who was right and who was wrong?? Kate :x::x:


Gosh @Kate M that sounds terrifying!! And just to casually tell you on a ward round is awful, i would definitely be complaining. In terms of who is right and who wrong, i think maybe a second opinion would be a good idea? A second opinion shouldn`t delay your treatment as they are merely looking over your scans and treatment plan. My husband had a second opinion during round 2 of chemo, it didn`t delay anything as we never changed Oncs, but we were very glad that someone else looked at our scans as they saw factors our original hospital didn`t. Our second opinion also did not change our plan, so we carried on with the chemo as recommended, and then when it came to next steps (radio) they were advisors again.
Glad to hear chemo is going ok, good luck with the rest of your treatment :x::x::x:


God @Kate M that is quite awful. They could at least have said they found something suspicious and that it COULD be mets, but further tests needed. I can’t believe they said that without being sure. Yes, if you can muster it, put in a complaint. That is all quite terrifying.:x::x:


Hello @Kate M, sounds like a terrible experience. Certainly warrants a complaint. Terrifying for you but also if this is common practice potentially terrifying for others in the future.