Life with bowel cancer


Update on little old me

Thought I'd give you a little update on me.

Well constipation has solved and I'm now completely off loperamide which is not fun!! I am still exhausted and upper abdomen is still a little distended at times. My bilirubin level is currently 64. Apparently there is no point in doing an ultra sound if your levels are under 80 as it's very unlikely a blocked duct will show on a scan. The jaundice has kicked in so looking like I have a dodgy fake tan!

So at the moment we're on watch and wait. Had more bloods again today so awaiting for a phone call this afternoon to see what they're doing. So all in all frustrated as fed up of being exhausted!!! On the plus side the night sweats have stopped so I'm getting a bit more sleep :x::x:


Oh gosh @fnkyf8, I couldn’t live without loperamide and it goes everywhere with me!!

I’m sorry you’re turning a dodgy fake tan colour and joking aside, I know you’ll be feeling concerned about it. I really hope your bloods come back ok this afternoon! Feeling exhausted is horrible and I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to feeling a bit better and regain some of your energy!

Sending lots of love and strength to you,

Karen ????❤️


Hi @fnkyf8 so good to hear from you - I've been wondering how you were. Glad that you're having some improvement in how you're looking and feeling - let's hope the 'tangoed' look doesn't last too long.
You're a strong lady, I know you'll get on top of this setback soon, fingers crossed for good bloods today!
Much love ❤️ and hugs. P :x::x::x:


well bloods shot up today bilirubin level is now 170!!!!!!! So I'm booked in for clinic Fri and ultra sound beforehand or during clinic or Friday :x::x::x::x:



Oh no! At least you’ll have a chance to discuss the results and the ultrasound on Friday rather than next week! Hopefully there will be a good explanation and a plan to sort this out!

Sending love and hugs,


Jacey Connell 74

@fnkyf8 sending a hug. Hope you get some answers on Friday :x::x:


Thinking about you @fnkyf8


Hoping your team have a good plan to sort this out for you @fnkyf8


Hi @fnkyf8 hope you manage to get things on Friday, sending lots of love and a big hug :x::x:


Hope your team get you sorted soon........hugs and positive healing thoughts :x:


@fnkyf8, hope your team have good plan for you and hope u will have some answers on Friday. :x::x:


Sending a hug/positive thoughts :x::x:


Hope all goes well Friday. Will be thinking of you @fnkyf8.


Best of luck for Friday "fnkyf8. :x::x::x:


Thank you all so much. I have indeed got a partially blocked duct but they are not entirely sure where. There us a large lymph nodes that may be compressing duct or it may be up into the liver.

So I'm booked in for a stent (not sure how many) Wed at 9am under sedation . Apparently once in place I should quite quickly start to feel better.

Can't wait to start feeling better :x::x::x::x:


Glad they’ve identified the cause and can put it right @fnkyf8!

As you say, hopefully once the stent is in place, you’ll soon feel much better!

Sending love and fingers crossed all goes to plan on Wed!



@fnkyf8 so glad there is a plan in place, hoping you feel better soon :x::x:


Great news @fnkyf8 Glad that you will be feeling much better soon. :x::x:


Hoping that you will feel a lot better soon :x::x:


Marvellous news @fnkyf8 hugs and positive healing thoughts :x: