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Bear G

Interview about dealing with advanced bowel cancer diagnosis - part 1

Just posted the first of a four part interview about my journey through bowel cancer.

Hope this is interesting and of help. Please let me know what you think.

The link doesn’t seem to work for a couple of people, if this happens please search for the page on Facebook - Strive for Five BC

Big hugs




Heart warming and inspirational - thank you for sharing this with us. :x:


I also get the same error message despite having an fb account - just for your info :)

Bear G

Hi @jule75 and @Jani
No idea why it’s working for some but not for others.
If you could, please could you do like Baxter did and go to the page to view it there? Please let me know if that doesn’t work.
Or search FB for Strive for Five BC


Eagerly await parts 2-4. ☺


Excellent @Bear G, that was really well done! :x::x::x:


Brilliant interview @Bear G. Very eloquent and uplifting :x::x::x:


Excellent stuff @Bear G, how multi-talented are you? A really honest and informative interview and in another context, serious skills in certificate design ? , Kim :x::x:


I've just watched your wonderful interview through 'Strive for Five' as I had the same issue with your FB link @Bear G?
I've said this before; you are a huge inspiration to me and a very caring and hugely supportive person! In spite of what you have had to deal with personally. Keep on striving for five (twenty ? ) in style!
Lots of love :x::x:

P.s. Pippa is a natural! :x::x:


No doubt it is a great interview, but still struggle to access it as not seen it yet. Is it available under videos on facebook not spotted it. Maybe work out how to access in a couple of months. thanks

Bear G

Hi @GD1962
If you go to the page and scroll down you should find the post from yesterday afternoon
This link should work to the page or you could search FB for ‘Strive for Five BC’

Not sure why the link is hit and miss - it works on my iPhone but not on my iPad!!


Hi @Bear G

I should work it out by July hopefully :)


Well done and well communicated. Thank you again for continued energy raising awareness. And such a great support for all of us. :x:

Bear G

Thank you to everyone who's watched the video and for the lovely comments, they're very much appreciated. I was very nervous about doing this and so pleased that it's of help.

And I'm under no misconceptions - Pippa steals the show!

Please do share it on Facebook if you feel it's appropriate to do so.

The next part of the interview will be out on Wednesday.

Big hugs


Hi @Bear G, I just watched your interview via twitter and really enjoyed it. Clear and helpful, engaging and interesting. I found this inspirational:)
Sarah :x:

Bear G

Thank you Sarah @SariDaffs
Please could I ask you to give it a ‘like’ on Twitter and possibly share it too?


Liked and shared on fb @Bear G ❤️


Pippa is so sweet @Bear G ! :x::x:

Bear G

Thank you @angepange
I'm a bit biased but I think she's fab, and she blatantly plays to the camera!


Just watched your you tube interviews and just wanted to say ‘ what a guy!’ Truly inspirational :x::x::x: