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For Capecitabine peeling hands...

Hi all
I’ve tried a tonne of different creams as my hands and feet pretty grim but this stuff is brilliant. Used last few days and made big different x @Bear G @Chris82
Scan this week to see if working. Desperately hope so as I am really enjoying being well vs (effective as it is!) the Folfirinox world!
Love to all x


Glad it's helping @HH79! I might give it a go as mine have been bad lately.

A week to go until my next scan. Fingers crossed we'll both get good news :x:


That’s good to know @HH79, i’ll keep that in mind as my hands are starting to crack and split with the Folfox. I am currently using the Hemp hand cream from the Body Shop which has been the best so far but good to have another option.
Good luck with your scan, I have mine next Saturday, hoping that all who have scans get good news.
Take care :x::x:


The most important point about using an emollient is to use it at least three or four times daily or more to get the best hydration, urea helps with this as it is a humectant increasing retention of moisture in the skin :x::x::x:


Thanks @GD1962 and good luck to all those upcoming scans @Chris82 @jinnyp. Been out walking in the snow & sleet, lit a candle (for me!) in the Church this morning. Having kids friends over later for an afternoon or mayhem :x::x:

Bear G

Always good to find another option that can help with capcitabine hands, thanks @HH79
Fingers crossed for the scan! ???


Hi @Bear G @Chris82 @Cakey68 @jinnyp @GD1962 thanks for this - my hands/feet quite bad so today been told to stop rest of Cape tablets for this cycle. Just had CT scan today & results next week. Fingers crossed working and I can stay on maintenance else be back to Folfoxiri.
Whichever it is, they’re giving me a week or so off to let hands heel. And if stay Avastin/cape maintenance rather than dose reduction I might go back to having Avastin & 5U IV/pump so as to reduce the hand foot problems with the tablets. Will keep you posted. Time to keep distracted argh! :x:


A challenging week coming up for you @HH79 but you know what you need to do!

Lots of love,

Karen ???❤️?



Bets of luck with your scan results ... Please keep us updated :x:


Good luck hun. Hope the break allows your hands to heal nicely :x::x::x::x::x: