Life with bowel cancer


Parents who have cancer and talking to young children

Hi all
This was on Shine (young persons cancer group on FB) the Cancer Cloud Kits. I’ve bought a couple xx


Thanks for that @HH79 as not been on the shine page on FB for a while. My daughter got really upset last night as she had been watching a cbbc programme called 'My Life' and a little girl on there had lost her mummy to cancer. I hadn't realised she'd been watching it. On a positive it did give us the opportunity to have a really good chat about my cancer and how I'm trying my hardest to stick around for as long as possible etc etc . It's all so heartbreaking. Much love to you all :x::x:


Ah yes I saw this on Facebook, such a great idea. My little ones are really struggling at the moment and we start cancer counselling with my eldest next week. Bloody cancer.... ? :x::x: