Younger people with bowel cancer

Michaels Mum


Wow what a few weeks! After the results of Michaels last CT scan and the PET scan that followed Michaels surgery was booked in for 2nd January. The surgeon said enjoy Christmas and New Year which we did until 8.30pm NYE when Michael took a call trying to cancel his op. "when will it be then?" he asked "Hopefully a couple of weeks but you will get a letter" He replied "well I hope my cancer doesn't spread in the meantime" " CANCER! came the reply "are you sure?" Michael was then forced to convince her that yes he was sure yes he had already had an op 2 years earlier. " oh well come in as planned then Happy New Year! Well as you can imagine that was the end of our celebrations! The op went ahead on the 2nd Jan as planned. He spent 6 days in hospital-strangely enough 2 other people under 35 on the same ward with Bowel Cancer-Whose to young? He has spent the last 3 weeks with the district nurse coming in to change bandages but is eating well sleeping well and getting around ok. Today we got the results from the biopsy and it shows 1/13 lymph nodes affected. Our oncologist wasn't present at the MDT meeting yesterday(surprise!) but the oncologist that looked at the results didn't think Chemo would be needed but our Oncologist who we will see at the beginning of March will have the final say. So that's where we are. If the last few weeks have taught me anything its that fighting bowel cancer doesn't end with a clear scan this in as on going battle we are in and we need to make the most of every single day when things are ok and normal. Once again as a family we have been rocked to the core by this recurrence and it makes you look at everything just a little bit differently. We are lucky and I know that others however hard they fight lose the battle and my thoughts for the last 3 weeks have been with @Lauren5429 and her lovely Matthew :x::x:

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Good luck with whatever the next plans are :x: