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Hi All. Me and my boyfriend recently found out that his cancer has returned after a year and a half of remission. The first time the only treatment used was surgery, this time they are going to start with chemotherapy. He's had numerous tests and scans but we are still waiting for treatment and his condition is getting worse.
My question is, how long did you have to wait from being diagnosed to starting treatment?


Hi @BeanyJane you shouldn’t need to wait long. The cogs went too fast for us in a way as Mark wanted some time to come to terms with things before he rushed into any treatment or surgery. He was in for surgery within 2 weeks of diagnosis and I had to insist he have it. It’s a hard wait, but shouldnt make any difference to the cancer staging etc.

Hang on in there and we will support you all the way. Don’t forget the private area for relatives only. They’re a wonderful bunch ?

Sarah :x:


Thank you for your reply. We've been waiting 2 months now. His bowel is now partially blocked and he's not able to eat much at all and hence has lost quite a lot of weight. This is very worrying, the longer we wait the worse he's getting and they're now saying he might not be well enough for chemotherapy. Still waiting for a treatment plan and just wanted to compare with other people's stories.


Hi @BeanyJane and a very warm welcome to the forum. I’m sure you’ll find this a great place for information, shared experiences, advice (if you want it) and support.

I’m sorry to read your news. You must both be feeling pretty upset to have this cancer returning after 18 months of remission. My heart goes out to you both.

I would think if all the scans and tests are complete, your boyfriends case will be discussed at an MDT meeting to agree a treatment plan. There are some helpful downloadable publication (top right of page) which you may find helpful meantime. Do you both have an appointment coming up with his oncologist? If not, I’m sure a call to either the Colorectal specialist Nurse and/or oncologists secretary would be ok to find out when you might expect to be seen, dates of MDT etc.

Sending you all my very best wishes,



Hi @BeanyJane

Sorry to read about your boyfriend's cancer recurrence after eighteen months as this must be heart wrenching. You stated that he has a bowel blockage at the moment and not eating, have they discussed inserting a stent to relieve the blockade and giving him sip feeds such as ensure or fortisip to build up his weight so that he can have chemotherapy. It maybe an idea to discuss it with one of our nurses on the BBC phone line or message them on Ask The Nurse section.

Hugs and positive healing thoughts :x:


@Baxter2 Thank you for you reply. My boyfriends case has been discussed at several MDT meetings over the last 2 months. His consultant has been off sick last week but we have got an appointment tomorrow. He has not yet seen an oncologist. Last thing to happen was his biopsy done 2 weeks ago.
Its so so frustrating having to wait so long. Feeling so out of control.


@GD1962 Thank you for your reply. That's not something which has been discussed, I didn't know that inserting a stent in the bowel was possible. I think the blockage is being caused by the tumour putting pressure on his bowel.
He has been given fresubin drinks which for the last 2 weeks is all he's managed to eat, 2 a day. However, he has been readmitted to hospital today following severe vomiting.
Its great to hear other people's suggestions, thank you.


Hi @BeanyJane,

I’m sorry to hear your boyfriend has been readmitted to Hospital today. This must be a terribly worrying time for you both. Hopefully his case will be reviewed in Hospital as it sounds that potentially he won’t be able to attend the appointment tomorrow. I really hope you get somewhere now as I can only imagine how awful this situation must be feeling for you.

Sending love and all my very best wishes,



Hi @BeanyJane my cancer started off as a blockage and I had a stent to relieve it. Like your boyfriend I was vomiting and had terrible abdominal pains, I also had a nasal drip fitted to get rid of anything In my stomach. I had the stent in place until I had my bowel resection. It is definitely worth asking if this is possible for your boyfriend. Really hope this gets sorted out for him ASAP. Diane :x::x:


Hi @BeanyJane , so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. My tumour was pressing down against all my major organs and causing a blockage which led to emergency surgery, due to size of tumour it had to be open surgery and had 3 months recovering, then got first oncology appointment after 4 months and chemo then started a month after. Hope you get a treatment plan soon. :x::x: