Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Chemoradiotherapy what to expect.

Hi, I'm collecting my chemo tomorrow and starting my radiotherapy on Tuesday, it's for 5 weeks mon to fri. I'm worried, scared and have a lot of anxiety about the whole thing however know the Drs have chose this pathway as they feel it's the best for me. Any hints, tips to get me through it? I feel if I do this bit however scarey I feel it is, and if it works to shrink the tumour then it's over to the surgeon to do his bit. On my scans I had a enlarged lymph next to it on the scan so they plan on trying to sort that too, I suppose I almost won't believe it's possible until I see it. I lost my mum suddenly in Nov 2016 and miss her so much, this really is a time where she would of been my rock, my youngest child has just turned 7 which adds to my worry. I also lost my cousin to lung cancer about 5 years ago aged 44 so as you can imagine that increases my anxiety, it's hard to see positive when your so worried. My other fear is that it's spread between my ct and MRI to now, it's been nearly 3 weeks, the nurses have tried to reassure me but my mind keeps racing. Love and hugs to all :x:


Hi @kitti I had 6 weeks chemoradio, I did get tired and uncomfortable the last 2 weeks but the team were very helpful offering advice/medication where appropriate. The first 3 weeks were fine and apart from tingly feet I had no problem with capecitabine. My RT targeted a rectal tumour and local lymph nodes, this also brought on immediate menopause so although I recovered from radiochemo within a month the longer term symptoms typical of menopause have been more challenging. I waited about 8 weeks from diagnosis to starting treatment, Colon cancer is very slow growing so I don't think a week or two will make any difference but I do understand your concern (I've had delays at every stage) You will feel a lot better once your treatment gets started, try to distract yourself with a few treats if you can. Hope it goes well. :x:

Gary not Gavin

I finished my chemo 2 times 4 day courses and 28 days of Radiotherapy in January like you i was a bit apprehensive but the radiographers was brilliant caring considerate and always treated me with dignity. Its a big thing to go through so painkillers ie slow release morphine capsules and paracetamol,
Good GP and creams ie e45 anti itch, sudcream must have no metals in them and kept the bum area clean washed 4 to 6 times a day luke water dabbing and once tried the hair dryer but didnt like that.
I was in pain like being burnt dry skin and then the itch but others at the hospital didn't suffer anything depends on the individual I couldn't sit properly but thats me.
Believe me i could do that again as nothing to be frightened and i suffer Claustrophobia.
Didnt suffer on chemo apart from always being hungry and i mean like a pig and couldn't stand coffee and dairy.
Your be ok
Gavin :x::x:


I was given cream by radiographers, start using from day one esp between bum cheeks and any skin folds. Frequency and urgency of motions increase so use whatever prescribe to you for diahorea. I found had to take at least hour before needed to leave house. The journey to and from radiotherapy centre daily was the most tiring thing. Actual treatment very quick and straight forward, just closed eyes and imaged on sun lounger, with bum exposed!!
I developed arm pain after 3 days on capecitabine and ended up on cardiac ward and after angiogram. This was able to elimate any cardiac disease so angina was due to capecitabine. I was able resume radiotherapy but without chemo. Had extra radiotherapy sessions to compensate. So report any symptoms or pains to chemo unit and radiographers for their advise. Oncologist said very unusual for someone to dev cardiac issues so early in treatment and then only one or two a year.
Hope all goes wellxxx


its all very daunting b4 u start but i just focussed on how lucky i was to be getting this treatment to help me. i didnt have much complaints yes a bit of soreness on bottom but it passes as going to toilet very painful but i looked on it as the tumour was being fried. i am waiting for my mri next week scarey but want to kno whats happening. u will b fine just take 1 day at a time :x::x:


I've now done my 2nd week and I doing ok. Probably far better than I envisaged, although I'm a worrier so always expect the worst and I'm now a bit worried in case it doesn't work! Its 6cm do the aim is to shrink and get clearer margins. I have 16 treatments left and expect them to get harder as time goes on. I know I'm likely to get tired as treatment goes on do have started having a afternoon nap to conserve energy. :x:


Hello Kitti

I have just completed my second week of Chemoradiation and tolerating it well. Felt a little nausea at the beginning but soon faded. The daily trip to the hospital I feel is the worst part of the process becomes quite draining, but the radiation is quite quick. I took advise and plaster my feet in Udder Cream to stop them drying out, and the cream they gave me at hospital around the pelvic area and bum, keep as moisterised as possible. I’ve had a few blips as in a stinking cold the first week, and second week infection in my leg but having antibiotics for that, it’s not related to treatment just an ingrowing hair so these haven’t helped with the tiredness, but just listen to your body, be kind to yourself, rest when you need to :x::x: