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So , after a wait of nearly six weeks for biopsy results to determine my eligibility for the SRA737 trial, I am told today that from the four samples taken from the tumour in my liver they could not gather enough cancerous cells to do the analysis.
Now I either have to have it all done again or go back on chemo. I haven't had any treatment for over three months and my recent c.t. scan showed some growth. I don't think I can wait that long as I am not feeling terribly well and feel it is probably tumour growth. I think I will have to go back on chemo and then hope for this trial or another later on.
How can anyone know how long it is safe to be off treatment? Any ideas, opinions, experiences greatly appreciated. I am feeling very deflated at the moment. Love to all of you. :x::x:


Gosh! That does sound unbelievable @Alwyn!

No wonder you’re feeling deflated just now. I’ve no idea how long it’s safe to be off chemo but I understand your concern. I only know that when I was off chemo for 6 months to have and recover from my liver resection last Jan and CRS and HIPEC in March, that by June, the b*****s we’re back in my liver! For this reason, I’d always be worried off chemo as I know and accept I’m at high risk of recurrence unfortunately.

Can they do a further biopsy now and you get back onto treatment? If so, that sounds like a good way forward.

Sending you a huge hug tonight,

Karen ????❤️


Blimey that is unbelievable @Alwyn you're right. I suppose they need to use the four samples but didnt take enough, rather than the fact that the tumours are just very small?

Onwards and upwards I guess, it won't be long before others can help who have some experience about this. Mark is on a chemo break at the moment, and he has asked to have his scan brought forwards as he feels he is getting more liver pains, but his oncologist did say that it was more likely to be constipation than anything else. You never know it may not be bad news, but of course it is always a worry.

WIshing you well,

Sarah :x:


So sorry to be reading this @Alwyn. No wonder your feeling deflated, have they said how long before you can have more biopsies taken. Again another waiting game I suppose. Will be thinking of you.:x::x::x:


Hi @Alwyn sorry about trial xx Hugs


Oh @Alwyn sorry to hear your news xx lots of love :x:


@Alwyn I'm sorry about this. I had a look at that trial,and it looked a good one.
I always get very nervous when David is off chemo. I suppose it depends on how active the cancer was before the break? Don't really know, just guessing!
Hope things get resolved satisfactorily for you. :x::x:


@Alwyn. That's a blow. I'm sorry. I think it's so hard to say how long it's 'safe' to be off chemo because every individual's cancer and set of circumstances is different. When my OH had a 10 week break his tumours showed considerable growth but then great shrinkage after 3 months of chemo. On a second break they showed stability after a break of 6 weeks. Sending you love and hugs. What a tough decision for you. :x::x::x:

Jacey Connell 74

@Alwyn Just wanted to send you my support. ❤️


@Alwyn this is so frustrating. I like Baxter2s suggestion. Another biopsy asap then straight onto chemo while you wait for results. I suppose it will depend when the trials are running. Sending good vibes your way. :x::x:


What a difficult situation to be in @Alwyn , sorry you are not feeling too good and this worry wont be helping.

Have you been told why the biopsy results take so long or why the samples weren't conclusive? Or is it that the whole thing is a bit new and experimental?

Lots of love :x::x:


Sorry to hear this @Alwyn and that your not feeling well. Sending lots of positivity your way and that chemo works and you can reapply for the trial at a later date. Best wishes :x::x::x:


Hi @Alwyn sorry about the trial. Could you have someone me Chemo but just a few cycles so can get through knowing not lots of cycles but will give it a kickin :x::x:


Gosh, really sorry to hear that @Alwyn - you must be livid about that decision. Sending all my positive thoughts your way that you can crack on with the chemo and get onto the trial later on.


@Alwyn I have only just seen this, how frustrating for you. Sending hugs :x::x::x:


Hey @Alwyn, I'm so sorry to hear about the biopsy results... How frustrating to wait 6 weeks for nothing... Just wanted to send you big hugs and I hope that after more chemo you can get on this or another trial later on... Good luck with it all. Love and hugs :x::x::x:


Hi @Alwyn.
I'm too am sorry to hear about your biopsy results. frustrated; I'm sure, will be an understatement.
Sending love to you and here's hoping they are working hard on a solution so you can move forward. :x::x::x:


@Alwyn I’m just catching up so have only just seen this. When I had a break from chemo for 12 weeks because of the arguing between surgeon and oncologist my tumour grew by 11cm but of course everyone is different. Hopefully you can get back on chemo and then try for the trial again at a later date :x::x::x: