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Neill H

An Introduction

Just joined a club I didn't really want to be in. Thought I should find out a bit about the club and its members.
Diagnosed stage 4 with liver and peritoneal sac metastases on 13th Jan. Had a Stoma put in and scheduled to start Chemo on 8th Feb.
I've had a lurk on the forum for a few days now and like what I see. It's made me feel less alone in how I feel.
Clearly it's early days in my own fight but it's nice to know there are people to help, hopefully I'll be around long enough to provide help to others in time.
Look forward to engaging with you all.


Hi @Neill H , welcome, it sounds like your diagnosis has been similar to my hubbys.... will help if I can... oh and by the way things do get better, and you get used to a new ‘normal’ life ...

Sarah :x:


Hi @Neill H! welcome. From a fellow Peritoneal mets friend. Good luck chemo! Don’t google but do google HIPEC surgery if your chemo batters those mets In - lots love :x::x:

Neill H

I listened early about the dangers of Google. I think if I took some of what I saw as gospel, I wouldn't have time to finish this post before my 'Time was up'. Hence coming to real people who have really experienced what actually happens.
Thanks for being there particularly as I'm having a bit of a down day. So tomorrow going to be good,positive and may include doughnuts.


Hi@Neill H, welcome, sorry about your diagnosis but lovely to have you on board. Good luck with commencing your chemo. And tomorrow you will feel better, you can do this. Sending hugs.:x::x:


Welcome to our club @Neill H. I too am sorry you have had to join us but it's a good move, you will get plenty of support and advice. Hopefully the chemo will work it's magic as it has for many of us. I wish you all the best, keep in touch. :x::x:


Hi @Neill H welcome to our forum.Good luck with the chemo :x::x:


Hi @Neill H and a very warm welcome from me too!

I’m sorry to read about your diagnosis. It’s very early days and I’m sure you will have many ups and downs as you try to process all of this.

I was diagnosed at stage 3 in August 2015 following emergency surgery and by Jan 2016, I was diagnosed as stage 4 with liver and Peritoneal mets. (Click on my profile to read my story if you like) like a few on here, Ive had a liver resection and Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC. This may be a possibility for you too in the future. Do you know what chemo you will be having?

I’m having a good day today but because it’s grey, miserable, cold and raining, I’m having a bag of Cadbury’s mini eggs! Did you have doughnuts as planned?



@Neill H a warm welcome from me :x::x:

springer michelle

Welcome from me. You're in the right place. And enjoy your donut :x:


Hi @Neill H welcome to our little community.

I was diagnosed with liver and peritoneal mets in Oct 2014. I had a very good response to chemo, was able to have HIPEC, had further recurrences but now stable on chemo. There is a life with this disease.


Hi @Neill H, welcome to the forum. So sorry you find yourself here. Stay positive :x::x:


Did someone mention doughnuts??!???!
Welcome @Neill H , hope all goes well with your chemotherapy. We're with you to help so shout out if you need anything. :x::x:


Hi @Neill H , just popping up
To say hi , looks like you have already had a very warm welcome from this lovely bunch, and lots of good advice,
So sorry you have had to join us , the very best of luck with your treatment
Much love


Hello @Neill H I also am stage 4 with Peritoneal mets. I'm currently on 2nd line chemo. This forum is great for advice and any questions you may have. Do find out about HiPEC and ask your oncologist to refer you for a second opinion at Christie's or Basingstoke which are centres of excellence for HIPEC. Hope you find this forum.useful. :x::x:


Hi @Neill H so sorry I missed your initial post so I’m a bit late with the welcome. Hope you are doing well? So pleased you have found our site, I couldn’t have got through it without BBC and the fantastic people on the forum. This is a rollercoaster of emotions but we have all supported both good and bad days, and it really does help to be amongst lovely people who have this disease. Love D :x::x::x::x::x::x:

lynn collier

Welcome @Neill H this is a lovely forum so sorry to hear about you but be strong so much help nowadays good luck :x::x:


Hi and welcome from me too @Neill H ? :x::x:


Hi, I was diagnosed on the 28th Dec 2017, just wanted to say hello and send you best wishes. :x:


Hello @Neill H

Sorry about your diagnosis in May 2017, similar situation one liver and two peritoneal metastases, three months capox, CRS & HIPEC Dec 2017 and liver resection have an ileostomy. Welcome and good luck :x:


Hi and welcome from me @Neill H - sorry you had to join us, but hopefully the forum members will help you through your journey. Wishing you all the very best with your treatment :x::x: