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I’m having this procedure next week and I was surprised that that GP opted straight for this path. I expected to have to present a sample! I’m 53 and have on/off over a period of some months noticed some maybe blood streaks in BM. My routine is BM about 3 times a week (not great I know). Last Monday I was fairly sure it blood streaks so I saw my GP. Since then I’ve noticed nothing. Now I’m thinking is this procedure really necessary or should I discuss other tests, like a sample analysis? Feedback greatly appreciated :)


Welcome to the forum @cb - I'm sure that others will be along soon to say what a great GP getting on the case so quickly! Some people have been fobbed off for years before a cancer diagnosis that could have been made quickly with a colonoscopy. Poo samples aren't always reliable (see my profile) and a colonoscopy usually is.
This is the only way to be absolutely sure, so well done a) for going to the GP and b) to your GP for acting fast.
Good luck next week - let us know how you get on.


I think it's great that your doctor is sending you for a colonoscopy - it shows they're taking your symptoms seriously. Go for it! The preparation can be a bit uncomfortable but you can do it and the camera is really the best way of checking your colon. You can read on here the accounts of those who wish they'd got a referral more quickly. Faecal tests can give the all clear when the patient has advanced cancer. Good luck.


Hi @cb and welcome to the forum!

I think your GP is being very proactive in referring you straight for a colonoscopy. If I were you, I’d grab the opportunity with both hands and go for it! Yes, it’s not the most pleasant procedure and the bowel prep is not a lot of fun BUT, I think this will be the best test to visually inspect your whole colon and take biopsies if required.

Let us know how you get on will you?

(I’ve just seen @Daffodil s reply above and looks like we’re in agreement! )



Definitely go for it, if you have the sedative to be honest you hardly even notice what's going on anyway. One word of advice which I didn't realise when I had my first one, I am a real baby for taking any liquid medication orally so really hated the bowel prep. The next time I had it I diluted it in something strong like grapefruit juice or lemon squash which virtually took the taste away :x::x:


I’ve read your profiles and that’s just the kick up the pants I needed. I lost a friend at age 54 to bowel cancer and my son at 24 had advanced derviticular disease resulting in the removal of part of his sigmoid colon. He’s ok now. I guess I don’t like to make a fuss and I am dreading it. The cleansing process - I feel quite ill if I take one laxative!! I’ll just have to get on with it. Thank you - this is all the reassurance I needed. Sending ?


Hi @cb and welcome. My doctor did a stool sample which came back clear but the colonoscopy found a tumour so I'm so glad that she fast tracked me for a colonoscopy.
Hope it goes ok next week :x:


Thank you - it’s becoming really apparent that this is the route to take. I have looked at your profile and really hope you are ok. All the best ?


Hi @cb. My colorectal nurse told me that a colonoscopy is their 'gold standard' diagnostic procedure, so hats off to your GP for making sure you get the best! Hope all goes well :x:


Hoorah for your GP - and you too for taking yourself to the GP in the first place. Wish I had! See my profile. Best of luck with it all :x::x::x:


I’ve read your profile @Sally1963 and I hope things continue to go well. I see how important it is to accept the test with open arms!! Thank you ?

Neill H

CB-I wish my GPs had been half as pro-active. Mine waited more than 4 months.
It's not the most comfortable procedure but it's not bad either. If there is something amiss you'll find out quickly. If there isn't then it's been a bit inconvenient.
Sounds like you have a good practice. I also hope that the Colonoscopy is unnecessary and turns out to be an inconvenience!
Best wishes