Stage 4 bowel cancer


Liver operation

Hi all got liver operation on Thursday evening last week. There was an adhesion of small bowel on gut so repaired perforation and have not a clue? Anyway surgeon removed solitary tumour on liver so job done, don’t know what to say on watch and waiting. See what happens :x:


Great news, hope you are recovering well :x::x:


You make it sound so normal, like you’ve just been to the library to return a book @GD1962 , don’t downplay it, that’s amazing news, well done!

Sarah :x:


Great news @GD1962 well done :x:


Well done @GD1962 you can relax and recover nicely great stuff :x::x:


Thanks all to be honest I am not worth a button very nackered with lots of thoughts on my mind! Just looking forward to peace and quiet. Staff at Manchester Royal very caring and thank you for caring too :x:


Great news @GD1962, wishing you all the rest you need and a speedy recovery :x::x::x:


So pleased its all done @GD1962, get plenty of rest and peace and quiet to aid your recovery. Diane :x::x::x:


@GD1962 Fabulous news that you had the liver surgery and hope you get home very soon so you can recover and get that peace and quiet. :x::x::x:


@GD1962 glad liver surgery happened and wish you a speedy recovery :x::x:


Get well soon @GD1962 :x::x::x:


Fab news @GD1962 another nasty in the bin. Take care. :x:


So great to hear from you @GD1962 delighted with your news!
Big smiles - Wendy :x:


Hope you feel better soon @GD1962 :x:


Great news your op is now done and dusted @GD1962. I hope you're feeling ok and your recovery is going as smooth as possible for you :x::x:


@GD1962 hope your doing ok and sending lots of love :x::x:


Sounds like excellent progress @GD1962


Thanks all got home just resting have follow up scan in July at Christies,,,all the best :x::x::x:


Hi @GD1962 lots of rest! And then a period of calm, ‘flop’. All sorts of emotions..getting back to a sense of normality and distraction! Don’t let stupid cancer take over your thoughts ...plan a nice holiday rule No 1! So impressed with your approach to all you’ve been through esp both HIPEC & liver op. I’m keeping all things crossed for a good July scan am sure it will be! Lots love well done :x::x:


Yes @HH79 I'm already applying for a new passport to get a week in the sun and going on a pilgrimage to Walsingham with the parish and make a special mention for forum members. I mean to enjoy my six months and take it every day as it comes. I'm just staying at home for the next week not going anywhere. TV and sofa.

My friend Alice from the women's guild dropped in with a cherry cake and cross examined me about everything, but she means well....Good nigh all X


@GD1962 Just great to know that you're doing so well.
Hope you're taking the opportunity to look pale and interesting whilst recuperating and reclining on the couch in your silk dressing gown being pampered and fed lots of treats while leafing through travel brochures to plan your forthcoming expedition to an exotic and interesting destination!
PS I understand that Harrods have recently received stock of some rather find leather luggage cabin trunks suitable for a gentleman of your standing ?
Big gentle hug :x::x: