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lynn collier

Bleeding fromStoma

Hi everyone today Barry had lot of bleeding from stoma this evening stopped now will see stoma nurses tomw has anyone had these probs before thanks :x::x::x::x::x::x:


Hi @lynn collier my hubby had bleeding from stoma once when he was on blood thinners, again at night, always happens at night doesn’t it ? The stoma nurse said as a one off probably the blood thinners - sometimes when he wipes the stoma can get a smearing of blood on the wipe - which they say can be quite normal !

Hope your bearing up, sending love :x::x::x:

lynn collier

@Trinity no he not on any blood thinners no it was very thin and lot of blood our bloody stoma nurses only on during office hours barry just doesn’t like a fuss it’s one thing after another hope yr well :x::x::x::x:

Gary not Gavin

Yes the stoma will bleed a little from time to time whilst your cleaning it, was told by colorectal nurse this is normal. But always best to see the person who knows best. Have a great day :x::x:


Hi @lynn collier

I hope you both had a reasonable night, but it must be so worrying when things like that happen. Was it the stoma surround or the output which was bleeding? Hope you get some advice today.

Hugs for both of you :x::x:


Yes @lynn collier hope you’ve had a reasonable night and get some reassurance todayxxxx sending love :x:

lynn collier

Barry had lot of bleeding :x::x:


@lynn collier where is the blood coming from?

If it is on the outside only I think that is quite common. The edges of mine get sore and bleed sometimes.

If there is a lot of blood coming out through the stoma that sounds more serious and you must get it checked asap. :x:

lynn collier

He in hosp now thanks yes lot of blood :x::x:


Sending all my love Lynn call me if you need to chat. I’m in work today but hone after 5:30pm, thinking of you all :x::x::x::x::x:


@lynn collier I hope you get some answers today. Sending a big gentle hug. :x::x: