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Now more worries

Just had phone call from consuktantvsurgeon, bloods ok, colostomy ok. Only issue is a ‘very small’ spot on right lung not there previously. Didn’t show up when I had infection some time ago. So need to have scan in 3/4 months time. They can’t say at moment whether it’s a problem or not so scan monitors. Does this never end? All of the anxieties come flooding back, reminds me of starting out on this road.


Hi @Chas Sorry to read your post and I can totally understand how you feel. I’m not sure this anxiety ever goes away, think it’s just a case of finding a way of dealing with it. I had a small liver met that was dealt with very quickly with radio frequency ablation. Gutted when I was told, but I’m 15 months further on now and staying hopeful that it doesn’t come back again. Stay strong Diane :x::x::x::x:


Thank you @DianeS for your supportive message. I certainly need to manage fears better, can’t have them like this in my life. If anyone has tips to add to my own they’d be very welcome. :x::x:


Hello @Chas sorry for what you have been through, it's so difficult keeping a positive head when your told things like this and the worry it might change after waiting. I have found counselling helps is there a centre near you? There is also a mindfulness app called headspace which I listen to sometimes feeling low. :x::x:


Hi @Chas,

Sorry to hear you are worried, my total lifesaver was The Power of Now, by Ekhart Tolle. It keeps you in the Now and helps to stop thinking of the past or the future. We only ever have the moment we are in now.... everything else is in our imagination. It could help.

My OH, Mark has 4 small lung mets that have been there a year, they are too small to treat and the onc is really relaxed about them, saying they can easily be ablated - hope that helps too.

Sarah :x:


Thank you @Sasa and @Mum37 your support is so important to me. :x::x: