Stage 4 bowel cancer


Bowel op

Action at last. Spent 5 hours at hospital pre op assessment and a good chat to bowel surgeon.Bowel op 27th feb to remove 2 ends of colon .middle portion looks ok meaning it could be reversed but he wont know until he opens dave up. We have left decision with surgeon whether to take it all or not.Then after good recovery tackle liver.Feeling hopeful. Xx thanks for all your support. Will update. :x:


Hi @daveswife so pleased that your husband has a treatment plan now.Before you know it will be over.I think awaiting the op is the most stressful time :x::x:


This is all sounding pretty positive @daveswife. Not long to wait now!

Ticking off the days I expect? Wishing Dave all the best for the surgery on the 27th



Ive always said if theres hope we can cope .ive found this group amazing for that. Thanks to all ..stay strong. :x:

Graham Indo

Good luck for your husbands operation. It’s not an easy time but hopefully you will find the light at the end of the tunnel
I had my surgery 9 weeks ago and just about getting back to semi normal life. It’s not easy and many low points but stay strong and you will both get through this.
Best wishes for you and Dave.
Please ask any questions you like regarding surgery ( pre or post)