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Gary not Gavin

Stoma question

Dont want to sound disgusting but with a stoma you have 2 holes whatever inside.. Hopeful you understand?. I have noticed my stoma only poos from one hole is that correct i umderatand this is a silly question and still tender after two month Thank you.
I only remember the nurse sticking two fingers in my stoma to show my wife and have never seen pooh from other hole.


Gav :x::x:


@Gary not Gavin
Hi Gavin, I have a stoma , only one hole, it’s not classed as poo it’s just digested food which comes through likely with first 30-60minutes of eating. If my stoma nurse had put her finger in it, I would have screamed, 8 weeks on and it’s only now has the pain settled. I am looking to set a date to have reversal after my Chemo so in about 3 months. My friend calls it my ‘bum on tum’ funny eh. Anyway only one for me. Good luck


@Gary not Gavin Yes I have a loop ileostomy which has 2 holes. One lets the poo out the other is on the side is connected to the defuntioning colon. I get quite a bit of mucus coming out of that one but never any poo. If he nurse hadn’t pointed it out to me i’d Of never noticed it. I think 2 months is still pretty early days so I wouldn’t worry too much about the tenderness. :x::x:

Gary not Gavin

Thanks. But still a silly question it was and seems.
hopefully at the end of the year will be able to have a reversal but want to kick this hsit out of me first and want it to stay that way before reversal.
Good luck everyone and night night :x::x:


Hi @Gary not Gavin. I have 2 'ends' coming out of my tummy - 1 which does all the outputting and the other just sits there! I have occasionally passed a small amount out of my bottom and the nurse told me that sometimes the output can get into the non-working bit and find its way out so don't worry if that happens too :x:


As others have explained already @Gary not Gavin you have an "out" and an "in" hole with a loop ileostomy. I've also experienced some output getting back "in" resulting in a mini poo. It is weird but also reassuring that the bypassed section of my colon still works. They'll join the "out" and "in" back together when you have your reversal.
2 months is early days. Mine got sore around the edges during chemo as well. It is fine now (8 months old) and TBH I'd rather manage chemo induced runny output through my stoma than be stuck on the loo with all the soreness that brings.
No question is a silly question on this forum. :x:

Gary not Gavin

Thanks @Seashells sometimes you need reassurance from others who have had or same experience.

Gav :x::x: