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Hi all. Today I had a date for my temporary stoma. It’s this weds 14th Feb. This is essential as I’m at risk of blockage. As soon as I’m recovered from this I can then begin chemo/radio to shrink tumour in bowel before they operate to hopefully remove it..
At the same time as my stoma op they will have a look at the suspicious areas in my peritoneum to see if they are secondary cancer!
I’m still no further forward with regards to the spots on my lungs and liver, they may or may not be cancer but they gonna concentrate on my bowel tumour first.
Just wanted to give u all an update, I’m on here every day and think the world of all of you. :x::x::x:


Hi, That's great news that you now have a date. Hope everything goes well and you get to start your chemo/radio very soon. Sending hugs :x::x::x:


Good to hear you are ok @kw1983, I've been thinking of you but didn't want to pester you. So pleased you have a date for your tempory stoma, I was completely blocked, with 3 weeks of poop and it's not nice so I'm glad they are getting it done b4 that happens. You'll be supprised how quickly you recover, your young and strong and will bounce back in no time. Annie :x:


Good news although I’m sure you’ll find it a bit daunting too @kw1983

We will all be right beside you cheering you on from the sidelines!

Sending all my very best wishes for Wednesday! .



Good luck @kw1983 , will keep everything crossed for you for the 14th, I love my stoma! You’ll feel much better once the treatment gets started :x::x::x:


Good luck @kw1983 will be thinking of you on the 14th :x::x::x:


Good Luck @kw1983 my hubby had a stoma before starting treatment, and actually it became a life saver for him! It did take him a little while to get used to, but now is second nature. It made our lives easier with chemo, and then the ops, he`d of had to have one during the resection so actually made recovery from that a little easier. Read our story, chemo and radio did wonders. I`ll be thinking of you on 14th, hugs :x::x::x::x:

Neill H

It's just good to know there's a plan isn't it. Best of luck with all that goes with it. The Stoma is daunting and can be frustrating but I've had 100% blockage as well. The bag is much the lesser of 2 evils and will allow you to recover better from other treatment.


Positive thoughts and prayers heading both your way. :x::x:


Hope everything goes smoothly for you @kw1983,glad you don't have to wait too long. sending lots of positive hugs your way :x:


Thinking of you on your journey. Give your Stoma a name, I felt it made me cope with it more. :x::x:


Hello @kw1983 so glad you have got a date so not too much waiting around. The stoma nurses are really helpful and will keep in regular touch with you once you go home. :x::x:


How are you @kw1983 ??? :x: :x::x:


Hi @1234annie I’m ok. Just been to have the bridge taking out of the stoma, wasn’t too bad. The bag opened in the night in bed which wasn’t very nice but had some tips off the stoma nurse today to prevent that happening again.. I’m being brave now and taking the children to playgroup with the help of my Mam... THank you got asking ? hope all is ok with u :x::x::x::x:


Oh I'm glad your ok @kw1983. You are very very brave, well done for getting out and about. :x: :x: :x: :x: