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Gary not Gavin

I hate the waiting game and am impatient

Seems everything happens so quick when first diagnosed the biopsy, not long and then the stoma then a few weeks later radiotherapy picc and chemo. But when you finished the above you feel a void waiting to see the consultant in 6 weeks seems like a lifetimes wait all you want to do is see the consultant and for him/ her to say yes its ..?..please.
Please hurry up march the 6th cannot stand this wait.
Yes i am being inpatient want to run before i walk does everyone else get these feeling??.

Have a good weekend.

Gavin :x::x:


Horrible time @Gary not Gavin !!There is no magic solution, but it gets easier as trying to be a patient person starts to be the new you!


Waiting is so so hard @Gary not Gavin. That void is tough. Where do we put all the thoughts which invade our heads during this time? I worry about every niggle and twinge and always need my fears and questions answered quickly. I have been amazed that my Oncologist and Neurologist simply don’t have answers to some of my nail-on -the-head questions. Just trust. We simply have to. Keep laughing when you can. I seem to watch so much comedy that my bowel gets a good work out between appointments!


Hi @Gary not Gavin ,I was told that the radiotherapy still works for a couple of months after hence the long wait for scans.I can personally vouch that it does as down below looks like the gobi desert now and that only happened about 6 weeks after I had finished treatment.
So although the waiting is awful it is for a reason.
Anyways I have a big week ahead with scan results etc and I bet you find the closer it gets the more you rather not know!

Gary not Gavin

@Pea @RT54 thanks, bored, fed Up. Just want the Answers, in my head what if this what if that, the dogs getting fed up going for walks and i am fed up with sleepness nights still.
Yes i understand I'm being impatient and will try but its something we all go through.


Hi, I'm going into my third week of 5 weeks chemoradio and the wait after is the bit I'm dreading. I feel much better when I'm actually doing something. I know the radiotherapy keeps working but the feeling of doing nothing proactive will cause my anxiety to soar. I just hope the chemoradiotherapy is doing its job and zapping it, as being a worrier I'm even a bit starting to worry about that. Sending best wishes to you :x:

Gary not Gavin

@RT54. How did you cope with the pain and what cream or creams did you use as the feeling is like burning arround the arsehole.yes i had loads of the grouths but most have gone but there is one stubborn barstad one I am using sudacream but then have to wash it off as that feels uncomfortable my cancer is skin cancer in the bum hole area.
Good luck with scans hope you get great news ( read profile) celebrations with your girls nearing :x:


Thanks @Gary not Gavin . I,ve had no pain at all but my tumour is further up,about 10cm in so I,m told.I have had side effects like more frequent toilet visits and tiredness.Sounds like yours is anal cancer so maybes that why all the pain and soreness.Hope it gets better for you and good luck as well in your future treatment.


I have rectum cancer and the tumor is close to the opening..I have finished my 7 wks radio and 6wks waiting..have had scans and rescans just a few days ago and waiting for the results.I have suffered no pain or discomfort around the anus and put it down to my use of natural Palm (not coconut) oil..had read that its being trialed so ordered it on the net.. wishing you all the best :x::x:


@Gary not Gavin I think it is perfectly normal to feel that way, I was only thinking earlier today that my hubby had his last chemo 4 weeks ago and is scheduled for surgery in the middle of March, that means two months of waiting and no active treatment, I think it is perfectly normal to need to know what the next step holds :x::x::x: