Raising Awareness


April - Bowel Cancer Awareness Month!

You probably all know that April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM)!

A local pub to me is fundraising for the whole of April for Bowel Cancer UK/Beating Bowel Cancer, they support a different charity each month and I had a chat with the landlady and bingo they are totally behind BCAM in April. They are putting on a Quiz and a Coffee Morning, I am writing a quiz round for them, which will be 10 questions about Bowel Cancer ........ well I had to ensure that we actually get some facts in there ........

I know the charity have things planned for April nationally, but I also wanted to do something in my local community, and of course, my blog and other social media will be still be going on. Anyone else got anything planned for BCAM??


@Scattyblonde - sorry for not picking up on this earlier and how great that we are 'charity of the month' at your local! Thank you :D
Yes, the charity has lots planned but something I would encourage all our forum members to do is ask their hospitals, GP practices and local pharmacies if they would be prepared to display an information stand during BCAM?
We hear from many patients that they wish they had had our information at the point of diagnosis and we'd love to achieve that but in many instances the information provided is from the large cancer charities and not specific to bowel cancer.
If you've found our information helpful, please do tell your team: healthcare professionals can also register for a pack of materials to create their very own BCAM display via this link, which is active for another week or so or until packs run out (we have a limited number!) https://www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk/order-your-2018-bcam-pack/
I know that @Bear G is working on some BCAM initiatives - anyone else?
There are lots of opportunities for forum members to support us in different ways: see more at https://www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk/bowel-cancer-awareness-month/ and on social media
Twitter @Bowel_Cancer_UK / @bowelcancer
Facebook charityBCUK / BeatingBC .


@RosemaryA that's great, I'll ask our local hospitals and GP, will also contact St.Mark's and see if they would have a stand - I was diagnosed there and they never mentioned the charity which considering they are a major bowel hospital seems odd looking back.