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lynn collier

Barry morphine experience

Hi everyone well what an experience I was there five hours barry didn’t know I was there 5 hours he was out of it his breathing was terrible then suddenly I went home and was called back barry was hours away from death I had to go back to hosp he been given too much morphine barry remembers 4 people ripping his clothes off in panic his body went into shock it was awful now morphine have to be put on hold they given him drug to reverse the effects pain team have to see him barry said he was a goner he remembers saying I don’t want to go this minute and Barry is not a man who panics I got
Home at 2 30 what an awful time :x::x::x::x:


Hope things are calmer today @lynn collier sending love :x::x::x:


How awful so sorry to read this, hope things improve.:x::x:


@lynn collier. Oh my gosh Lynn what an awful experience. Poor Barry and poor you! I really hope Barry has a more peaceful day today. I'm sure nothing is going to make you feel better right now so all I can say is I'm thinking of you and praying that you get some respite. Lots of love, Tiffany :x::x:


My prayers are with you all. :x::x:


Oh @lynn collier that is awful, so scary. Hope things go better today. :x::x::x:


Thinking of you. Sounds a frightening experience. Hugs Bridget :x::x:


Thinking of you both @lynn collier . Praying for a better night for you both :x::x:


My thoughts are with you @lynn collier :x::x:


Sending love as always @lynn collier :x::x::x::x:

lynn collier

Thank you all still has effects of hallucinations but calming now can’t believe all what happening to him :x::x::x:


Hope you both have a peaceful night @lynn collier and you get some rest tonight, sending love :x::x:


How frightening for you @lynn collier ! Hope you and Barry have a peaceful night :x::x:


Gosh where does it end @lynn collier ? Poor you!

Sending love

Sarah :x:


@lynn collier poor Barry is going through it, so hard for all of you. Hope you have all had a better day.
Sending love and hugs (you don't know me but I really feel for you and your family)
Jane :x::x::x:


Hi @lynn collier I have only just join the group but want to send Barry and yourself hugs and best wishes :x::x:

lynn collier

Dear all

I’m so sad tonight he was not good breathing wasn’t good put him on a nebuliser and uncomfortable I’m seeing the pain management team tomw especially what has just happened he didn’t want to see his children just me coz he knows he didn’t have to talk thank you for all
For your kind thoughts :x::x::x::x:


@lynn collier I’m so sorry to hear that Barry’s breathing isn’t good :( I’m thinking of you all and pray that things start to get a little easier for you. Lots of hugs :x::x::x::x: