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Results Appointment

Hi all,

My partner had his results appointment yesterday following biopsy and MRI and CT scans. We have had the most awful two weeks fearing the absolute worst (as I know you've all been through too).

The biopsy actually showed no sign of cancer, although the surgeon said in his experience it is definitely cancer. Nothing bad seemed to show up on the scans apart from a very small shadow on the liver, which he said he wasn't remotely concerned about at this stage.
Surgery is booked in for 2 weeks time, and have been told to expect he may have a permanent bag due to the tumour being so low in his rectum, but he seems to have accepted that - he said he would wear one on his head if it meant he would be ok lol.

No mention of any chemo etc at the moment - not sure if this will be needed after.

Also no idea of staging, although the doctor said he was definitely looking to get it all removed during surgery.

Overall we are taking this news as a positive, we had feared the absolute worst regarding spread etc and we had the first reasonably peaceful nights sleep last night since the diagnosis.

Thank you to you all for providing a listening ear over the past two weeks, your advice and support has been invaluable in getting through a very frightening time.

Sending lots of thank you hugs your way

Cece :x:

Neill H

It may not be 'good' news but it does sound positive. Both of you stay as positive as you can but don't be scared to tell each other of the things that frighten you. That has really helped me and my wife when you might think it would be negative.
He's got the right attitude with the bag too. You wouldn't choose one but if it makes things better then do it.
3 weeks in with mine and It's just part of life now!
Each step makes the journey clearer.


I’m sending positive thoughts and tons of prayers to you both.:x::x:


Thank you @Chas that is so lovely of You. I wish you all the best too. @Neill H I'm so glad to hear you are coping well with your bag, and you are totally right about talking with each other, I think communication is key when you are going through an unsettling time...even if most of our conversations now centre around bottoms or bowel movements. Hope you have a peaceful weekend :x:


Hi @CeceH your partner’s experience sounds very similar to my husband. His biopsy also showed no evidence of cancer although the doctors were certain it was. My husbands tumour was operated on a week after the consultants appointment (beginning of September 2017) and we were given the staging about three weeks after the surgery T3 N0 M0 so no chemo necessary. My husband had a temporary stoma which he ended up dealing with very well. He has just had his stoma reversal which is taking a little getting used to.
It’s funny how once you have a plan in place, life becomes a bit calmer again. Good luck with the operation in two weeks time - I’ll be thinking of you :x::x:


Oh this is all sounding very positive indeed @CeceH!

Surgery in two weeks sounds good too......get that Hospital bag packed!

Lots of love,



Hi @CeceH

Sounds good to me too (although you both probably don't see things that way yet). It sounds as if your experience will be similar to @Mountainmaid .

Best wishes to you both. :x::x:


Hi @CeceH just to say we are all thinking of you. Lots of support here. :x::x:


We are sat by the phone waiting fo another MRI appointment Its been a long weekend ....


@CeceH great to hear your news I am so pleased for you. Sending you lots of love and prayers ❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️


All sounds positive news @CeceH and surgery isn’t far away now, wishing you the very best of luck. Love D :x::x::x::x: