Stage 4 bowel cancer


Experiences of FOLFOXIRI plus Avastin?

My husband was diagnosed Stage 4 in January, age 39. He has started FOLFIRI, but his KRAS results just came in showing wild type BRAF. His oncologist recommends continuing FOLFIRI plus panitumumab... We went for a second opinion at the Royal Marsden and they recommended FOLFOXIRI plus Avastin (and said they would not give panitumumab due to questions over whether it works in BRAF patients). My husband wants to go for it but worried about side effects having had a tough time on just FOLFIRI so far. Has anyone had FOLFOXIRI as 1st line treatment? How were the side effects?


Hi @EleanorG I’m BRAF and have had lots of Folfoxiri and now Avastin. Same sort of side effects Folfiri I think ?? Mine was cold effects from oxilaplatin and tiredness but you’ll find things build over cycles. No side effects Avastin. There’s quite a few of us with BRAF. Lots love :x:


Ps Do join Shine young persons Fb group cancer - all types not just bowel. @EleanorG :x::x:

natalie flood

My dad is currently having chemotherapy and he is kras mutant so can't have the other therapies such as panitumumab as it wouldn't work. I have asked about avastin and was told it is no longer available on the NHS ? Just wondering how you managed to get avastin. Thanks :x:


Hi @EleanorG! I’m BRAF and think heard from re panin...I had 12 Folfoxiri then 4 mth off and 6 more. Side effects be similar to what he’s used to?? The difference with Folfoxiri is the oxilaplatin which tends to work wonders on BRAF but is a menace for neuropathy mainly cold sensibility hands : feet have a google but it won’t be too bad??
To reduce toxicity to me I’m currently having Capecitabine tablets (like the 5FU) and Avastin. Avastin has no side effects apart from the odd v low : rare nasties that come with any chemo but he won’t hsve additional issues.
Good luck & sounds like a great treatment plan. In America, Avastin is given as standard alongside Folfox family. Like tap water I was told! :x::x:


Hi. I’m braf too and about to start the same treatment at the marsden so cant comment on side effects but Im currently on folfox. As others have said it’s the oxilaplatin that he will likely notice side effects from. I have been told also to expect hair loss.