Just Diagnosed


Thank you

I’d like to thank you all for your warm welcome and kind, reassuring words. I had a really bad day yesterday but feel brighter today and reading your replies certainly helped :x::x:


Glad you are feeling a bit brighter today. You are definetly not alone and there are lots of positive inspirational people on here to prop you up on the crappy days and celebrate on the good ones. :x: :x: :x:


@lizziejane welcome to the site. I pop on now and again to see how everyone is getting on and give comments. I can’t stress enough how this second family helped me through my cancer journey. Lots of advice, steering me in the right direction, never judgemental. :x:


Glad you’re feeling a little brighter @lizziejane. We’re all here for the good and the bad days.

Lots of love,



@lizziejane just wanted to say Hi to and welcome you to the club none of us wanted to join!
I can identify with how you have been feeling, friends and family however much they try never completely ‘get it’ unless they have walked the same path.
I was in a similar place to you 5 months ago and whilst still scared about the outcome I feel much more in control and in a far better place than I was.
The uncertainty was the hardest part for me and I think is for many people. Once I was clear about what I had and exactly where it was and what the treatment plan was I had something to work with and it was easier to move forward with some hope for the future.
This forum is a great place with lovely people who all totally ‘get it’ - there is nearly always someone who has had a similar experience and knowing that there are so many willing to ‘hold your hand’ and walk with you means so much.
If you want to read other people’s stories just click on their name and it takes you to their profile- there are some inspiring stories which give great hope.
Sorry I have rambled on a bit ..... Glad you are feeling a bit brighter today ?
Love and hugs
Jane :x::x::x:


Hi @lizziejane hope you are better now as it's very challenging and it's a rollercoaster effect. We are all in the same boat but baby steps, for example went out yesterday with dog for ten minutes and got to shops to-day. Good luck :x:


So pleased you are feeling better today @lizziejane ❤️:x::x:


Hi all, just an update. Went for the sigmoidoscopy this morning. All went well and wasn’t too uncomfortable (I opted for gas and air rather than the sedation). Whilst there, my surgeon told me the result of the MRI on my liver last week shows that the marking/tumour is actually FNH (Focal Nodular Hyperplasia) which is a congenital benign tumour and not a metastasis as first thought so that’s a piece of good news! Love and hugs to you all :x::x:


Hi @lizziejane so glad for you on your news and that your feeling more uplifted. Loads of positive thoughts heading your way! :x::x:


Great news @lizziejane!



Thank you :x::x: