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HELP please ... possible liver spread

So ..... I write with crazy news form our end, we went to see the professor after HIPEC to see the next plan and in the hope the cancer was at bay, we had some mixed results.... the cancer in the peritoneum appears to be at bay for the moment following the HIPEC surgery with no disease elsewhere, but they threw us a bit of a curve ball... there is a 9mm suspicious legion been found in the liver in section 4a and they believe this to be either a cyst or cancer spread! We are of course devastated if it is more cancer and will fight it any which way we can, the mri has been pulled forwards as I did my usual and kicked off for something ASAP! There is a chance it could be a cyst but the chances are very slim given Chris’s aggressive cancer! Chris is reluctant everyone knowing until we know for sure and have a new plan of action!! I just wanted to ask more about the liver - this is all new to me and I’ve no idea where to start ! I asked about surgery but they were reluctant as he’s had two
Major procedures in less than a year! They mentioned Ablation but I believe this isn’t a curative option and just to keep it from getting bigger... I know there is SIRT our there, would anyone be able to share and tell me more? Also I think there is something called cyberknife ? Thank you for reading and hope you don’t mind me asking you all! Lots of love to you all
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Morning @Fighting4hubs

It’s always a blow when you hear of yet another challenge ahead isn’t it?! Let’s hope the mri reveals a cyst only! If not, I believe the liver is quite treatable depending on location iof the lesion.

I had a liver resection about 6 weeks prior to my CRS and HIPEC and I know @GD1962 has had same but HIPEC before liver resection. The liver resection was a walk in the park in comparison!

Take care!



Hi @Fighting4hubs

Sorry about your news but please do not panic as the situation was similar to mine. Had CRS and HIPEC on 14th December then liver resection of solitary tumour on 6th lobe of liver 1st February this year about seven weeks apart. I have been knackered but after about ten days now getting better daily.

The main point my surgeon made was that the peritoneum was the priority and that was done first, so went to plan last CT scan showed no further spread in liver prior to surgery. It is tough and now on watch and wait for six months until late CT scan in July.

Hugs and positive healing thoughts :x:


Hi @Fighting4hubs so sorry to hear this but dont worry. Although sounds scary an organ involved IF it turns out to be cancer, if there is just one isolated met a resection will fix that! I did read Stage 4 survival stats on cancer research U.K. and when liver is the place for secondary mets, it’s adtually gives you higher chance of 5 yr survival as just gets chopped out. Keeping all things crossed for you and keep going - just keep looking forward, never back. Lots love xx


@Fighting4hubs sorry to hear about the recent curve ball, cancer is just so cruel to us like that. I had no peri mets but I did have several on my liver and I just want to say that I had ablation on my left lobe. I was in a similar situation they couldn’t say for certain it was cancer or complete a biopsy due to it being liquidy. The ablation on my case was to get rid of the lesions so in a way could Be seemed curative in that sense. It has basically killed the cancer cells on that lobe and then I had my right side of liver removed.
Wishing you both all the best with a treatment plan! ?


Good afternoon all, I’m not even sure how to start this update! So much has happened these past few weeks my head is completely spun!
So we have had the results of the MRI on the liver and both Imperial and the Marsden are of the same opinion that this is nothing “too concerning” at the moment and appears to be a Benign Cyst or some sort of tissue something!!
They have recommended that Chris returns in 2 months for a repeat MRI and at the same time a Pet scan. They have said that at this present time he is not showing any evidence of cancers and we will now need to do a watch and wait approach and see how his body responds !!!
I cannot tell you the emotions I feel, happy, elated, relieved, grateful, scared, worried etc!
I want to leap from the roof tops screaming with thanks to be where we are, but at the same time it feels so scary to be going it alone with no treatment etc!
I queried the Cetuximab (that Chris was having as a sole agent, having to be stopped in preparation for HIPEC) and they have said they debated this for some time in their MDT & it was felt that they could give him this for life and never actually know whether they were treating cancer or if the cancer was behaving and laying dormant !
The registra we saw was very understanding of my multiple questions and could feel my angst and was so patient explaining why they made that decision and that the Cetuximab comes with its own side effects!
Apparently after much debate around the table they want Chris to have a break, let his body have a rest after two major surgeries and 12 FULL rounds of chemo!
They have said to enjoy the next 8 weeks, forget hospitals and try live life day to day!!!
I cannot begin to even say how this feels after Chris was given just months to live by our local surgeon almost a year to the date! (25th March 17)
They have made it very clear that the prognosis for stage four signet ring cell is not great, but that everyone responds differently and we have to enjoy the time we do have while the cancer is behaving!!!!!
So....... of course the first thing we are looking into is a holiday !!! We are concerned about the insurance so would welcome any advice please? Where do we go to? Who do we contact??
We were looking at the canaries or somewhere similar with heat, until my family threw a curve ball...... my uncle (age 52 - incredibly fit a competitive cyclist) was diagnosed with stage 1 bone cancer last year, he did really well and had completely remisssion, sadly it only lasted a mere 4 months and his body is now riddled, their son has decided to get married ASAP and we have been invited to the wedding in a few weeks time..... one slight catch .... ITS IN AUSTRALIA!!!!! We spent a lot of time in Australia before the girls were born and had always dreamed of going before Esmae starts school in September & I return to work after maternity! Could we do this? Chris feels and looks so well (albeit a stone or so lighter) the surgeon said when he operated in America he would operate on patients that would then need to fly 9/10 hours home across states just mere weeks after surgery - Chris will be 8-9 weeks after surgery! I would welcome your thoughts on everything !
Thank you all again for your advice, love and comments helping us along this Journey!! Sarah, Chris, Esmae and Connie x x x x


After reading your story I am overpowered with emotion. The fighting spirit and desire to ensure treatment is right for Chris is fantastic. I can’t give you any advice about travel but can give you my utmost in prayer and positive energy that you will get an amazing time together. :x::x:


Hi @Fighting4hubs , thanks for the update, sounds like you have a lot to think about at the moment!

Just to give a slightly different take on the situation, but Marks onc is always talking about balancing surgery with longevity, and often says that surgery can accelerate the disease as it is so traumatic for the body to recover from. Maybe delaying something would help hubby to build up his strength more and in the long run he better for him?

I think go for the Aus trip .... whilst the kids are small and the opportunity is there .... 👍👊. You have been an amazingly strong lady, you and your lovely family also need some quality time together....

Sending love

Sarah :x:


We have just returned from the most wonderful trip in Australia, it was fantastic to be away with the girls and have some proper family time.
Chris was completely fit the whole journey and had a fantastic time out there, relaxing in the sunshine in 38° heat!

We have returned to the Marsden this week for repeat scans and the great news is, that this scans are indicating no further evidence of disease anywhere in the body, however, unfortunately it now appears that the cyst in the liver has grown by 1 to 2 mm, so they now believe this to be a metastasis !

They are in discussions at the moment over what would be the best option for Chris, they are talking about something called RFA which is an ablation, however we have been keen to push for surgery to the liver to respect this, as we believe that this will give Chris the greatest chance of long term remission and he is also, at present very physically and emotionally fit and stable to be able to undertake and recover from surgery!

It appears that the main concern for surgery at present, is the extent of any adhesions from HIPEC procedure in January and trying to assess the areas where they adhesions were and their severity.

Chris was keen to discuss with them the reversal of the bag options and I guess our question now, would be, is a liver resection possible and is surgery something that could be undertaken at the same time to both?
Is it something that we could be done together with the reversal of the bag? Obviously we don’t want to be putting Chris under too many general anaesthetics and operations unnecessarily!

The area of the liver is a bitch to get to in section 4a - right under the ribs!

Has anyone any welcome advise please???

Also is surgery the best way to get rid, I’m concerned ablation won’t rid it! Also is it actually cancer! On the PET it’s not showing as HOT, and nothing on CT scan?

Any tips for care of the liver?? Anything we can do naturally??

Thanks lovelies :x: :x: :x: :x: