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Muconious Adenocarcinoma

Hi everyone! My partner has been diagnosed with muconious adenocarcinoma of the bowel, stage 4. His bowel has also become obstructed. We have been told that there is nothing they can do.
I wanted to hear anyone else's stories of people who have also been diagnosed with this type of cancer? Especially what treatment was offered / given?
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Hello Sabrina (@BeanyJane),
Sorry to hear about your partner. My mums notes states her cancer was mucinous carcinoma (which I think is the same), mums had spread to her local lymph nodes (8/39) and she is staged at stage 3. Mum had a bowel resection and the tumor removed, on Monday she is on her 7th cycle of chemo which is mixture of Oxaliplatin/Capecitabine and then only 1 more until she has finished her 8 cycles of chemo..
Are you aware if there is any secondary cancer for your partner to be told it is stage 4?
Please do ask for a 2nd opinion on whether anyone else can offer a treatment plan. There are so many cases I have seen on this group where someone is stage 4 and told no treatment plan options for them to get a 2nd opinion and to still be fighting the fight now whle having treatment.

As for the meaning of mucinous carcinoma I believe is the form of cancer so it is covered in mucous is normally found at a more advanced stage (stage 2 and above)


My partners cancer is staged at stage 4 because it is a reoccurrence. He originally was diagnosed a year and a half ago, bowel resection was performed but no chemotherapy was thought to be needed. A couple of months ago he was diagnosed again with same cancer which had come back again. Although it is not in his lymph nodes and not in the bloodstream and hasn't spread to any other organs, it has spread in his abdomen and so is classed as stage 4.
I really hope that yours mum's treatment is successful.


I’m so sorry to read your post @BeanyJane

I’m also concerned that you’ve been told that there is nothing they can do. I would have thought that possible emergency surgery would be considered for bowel obstruction and that perhaps chemotherapy could help improve your partners condition? Have you considered a second opinion? I think if this were me, I’d certainly want to request a second opinion to explore al possible options.

Sending all my very best wishes



Hi @BeanyJane
I have stage 4 mucinous carcinoma it was picked up on ultrasound.
Ivenot required any bowel surgery but I'm on palliative chemo therapy.
I was diagnosed may 2016 I had 15 months of folfox chemo and just had a 6 month break and I'm due to start a different type of chemo called folfiri in the next couple of weeks .
My liver is also inoperable.
However I've been well since diagnosis and still out climbing hills in the lakes every week .
I'm 43 now even tho it's palliative my oncologist is being very aggressive with treatment to keep me well.
Good luck to you both :x::x: