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Weight loss

Hi everyone hope you are all doing ok.
Hubby's operation was four weeks ago. He is doing ok now, up until last week we were back to the hospital 3 times and the gp as well.
Finally the gp sorted out his pain relief and he is much better now and has started to eat.
He has lost 8kg and although eating quite well now he has gone down again in weight. We get the results on the 26th February regarding the tumour.
Is it normal to lose so much weight and does anyone have any tips to help him to gain strength and put a little weight back on. He is managing a ten minute walk each day.


I lost 10kg but thankfully put most of it back on. I have been eating little but often - added cream to sauces and smoothies - I got advice from the dietician as I also have an illeostomy, but things like cheese omelette and creamy soup went down well! Great that he’s managing to be active. All the best, Charlotte :x:


Hi@patti, like @charly I also lost weight but in last couple of months I’ve put that back on. I found that my taste buds all changed and it was a case of retrying foods every couple of weeks as I found that I had gone off all my previous foods and then everything now either tastes too salty or sweet but I’ve learn to live with it. Dietician should be able to make some suggestions or provide supplements . :x:


Hello @patti I lost a lot of weight prior to and after surgery. Small meals and often was good, also got high calorie drinks prescribed - Fortijuice I think it was called, easy to take and loaded with energy. :x:


Hi I lost a lot of weight after surgery, my nurse said it's where I was burning extra calories whilst my body was working harder to heal and repair. She told me to eat allllll the cake to keep my strength up! I'm 6 weeks after op now and am just starting to level out and gain the weight I lost :x:


Thanks all. I bought some protein yogherts, the cartons were very heavy and hubby says he could plaster the walls with it. They tasted awful I have to admit. We see the consultant for the first time next Monday after the operation so will ask his advice as well. Hubby is now getting hungrier but he has lost another 1kg!! I think his muscles in his stomach have all gone which is not helping, he normally has quite a tummy but is flat as a pancake now. All in all though things are getting a bit better and brighter. :x::x::x::x:

margaret ensor

I lost about 10 kegs it's hard the first few weeks. I went from 60 to 50 then I put on 13kgs. First I couldn't wear anything then everything was tight!!! Love margaret


@patti Hey Patti. I’ve lost 10 kilos through two operations. I put a bit of weight on and then lost again after my second op. But am slowly putting weight back on again. As others have said, if you can speak to a dietian then that will help but the main thing is to eat little and often. The advice I got was.. Try to make sure he has protein with every meal has that adds muscle and helps repair too. Fortify meals so add cream or extra oil when cooking. Extra butter on toast etc and he should have puddings with meals. Cookies and muffins for snacks are good too. Try not to worry too much about it as I’m sure he will slowly put the weight back on. Remember it’s just as hard to put weight on as to lose it, so even if it takes time he will get there 😘 hope that helps :x::x: