Stage 4 bowel cancer

Polly 1

In...out....and shake it all about.....

Having had his PICC line taken out a couple of weeks ago ready for a liver resection 5 March (6 week gap needed after chemo) we were back today for C to have another line put in ?

We have had a very hard couple of weeks trying to organise things between 4 hospitals (scans, chemo, liver and lung). Long story but has ended with chemo timetabled to start again a week tomorrow. As its Folfiri/Cetuximab in order not to lose NHS funding he needed to go back on it within 6 weeks - it will be 4 weeks next Wednesday.

Once back on it there must be another 6 week gap before any liver resection

C rang the oncologist's secretary this morning to bring them up to date in case they didnt know we were still waiting for 'urgent' lung CT and now liver MRI. As soon as he heard that there was a chance both the resections might not go ahead in the 6 week gap the oncologist immediately ordered the picc/chemo.

At the moment looking at the last lung CT he had in November and the recent liver CT they cant see any lesions. Thats why they need an up to date lung CT and now liver MRI to double check.

Without operations the oncologist wants C back on Cetuximab so needed to act quickly. All a bit of a shock to us as well as the liver nurse when C rang to tell her.

I dont understand why these hospitals dont seem to talk to each other!


Oh @Polly 1 , what a palava. Thinking of you both. Hope it all comes together soonxxx


I’m glad he’s having the Cetuximab started again until everything re surgery is finally confirmed!

What a lot of uneccesary stress for you both!


Polly 1

Thanks @angepange @Baxter2 it all came as a shock this morning when they rang to say come in for a new picc line!

Polly 1

The new Picc line was a bit painful last night but better now he says. We have to go over to the chemo unit this morning to get it checked and changed anyway. As he's on blood thinners (low dose aspirin) there's blood in the dressing.


I'm glad to hear you both finally know where you stand re treatment @Polly 1 and can now move forward without a time constraint over your heads :x::x: