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Advice please on Oxaliplatin side efects

Hi, my husband started his Oxaliplatin chemo today. It was fine but he has a couple of little side effects that weren't mentioned. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced them. One is a mild jaw ache when starting to eat. It wears off. He also has noticed a slight vision issue. He said it is like he looks at something and it takes a moment for his eyes to focus. Do either of these things seem unusual? Thanks :x:

Catherine Blakeney

Hi @Lupin when I was on oxaliplatin I had a lot of jaw pain for about 4 or 5 days after the treatment, and the vision problems as well. Tell him to be careful with cold I couldn’t have anything only room temperature foods and drinks, and had to wear gloves if I wanted anything out of the fridge.
Let the team know what side effects he has as they monitor them, but the jaw pain is very common.
Any other questions just ask away more than happy to help if I can, sending you both good wishes


Hi @Lupin
I was on oxa liplatin for 18 months . The jaw pain on starting eating sounds very familiar it plagued me each cycle it does only last for the first couple of bites of food I found. Sometimes drinking some juice first helpedbut not always.
As for the eye thing not sure I sometimes had it during the infusions in the hospital but it could have been the pre medications either the steroids or anti sickness .
Good luck to you both :x::x:


Hi my husband is currently on Oxaliplatin and he gets the jaw thing , usually just for a few bites then stops, he’s not had the vision thing though, Chris :x:


Hi. I’ve had both and on cycle three. Both wear off though after a few days. just tell him to keep warm. The cold on the hands and face are the worst side effect for me. :x:

Lady GT

Hi @Lupin .
Yes, both sound very familiar to me.
The jaw pain when first eating is pretty common - we call it 'first bite' here on the forum.
Apparently it can be VERY painful, but wears off after a few days.
His Lordship also had the disturbed vision. It appears to be slightly less common but again, soon wears off.
As you say, nobody tends to tell you about these things but I don't think they are anything to worry about.
Keep a note of how things progress so that you can mention to your team before the next infusion.
And congratulations on getting this first one under your belts!



Hi @Lupin the jaw thing is very familiar but I didn’t have the vision issues but did have neuropathy in hands and feet. Hopefully things will ease and the team will give him something which helps :x::x:


Thank you @Catherine Blakeney @Wren17 @eyeofthetiger @Mrs2017 @Lady GT @sophia @Hayley1974 I knew I could rely on you to respond, but thank you for coming back so quickly and putting my mind at rest. My husband is as calm as you like, it is me whittling away! Being at the hospital was fine, but coming home and on the look out for any little change is a bit scary. He starts capecitabine tomorrow too, so even more things to watch out for! Thanks once again for your help :x::x::x:


Hi @Lupin, I had the jaw pain, especially at first bite/sip in the morning. I also had the vision thing too, when he wants to look sideways at something, get him to move his whole head, slowly, rather than glancing sideways. Hope this helps.:x::x:


Hi @Lupin I also get the ‘first bite’ jaw pain although as my cycles have progressed it does seem to be reducing a bit - can be a real shock if I forget though! Sometimes massaging my jaw helps a bit.
My vision is sometimes a bit blurry but I put that down to my eye test being overdue and needing a new prescription! I have that now and it does seem a bit better although I still get it sometimes.
Cold is my enemy though for the first week, hands especially but my face is very sensitive at first and goes numb - feels a bit like a dentists injection but all over! Keeping warm and wrapping up definitely helps!
Take care
Jane :x::x::x:


Thank you @Clancy and @jinnyp he is suffering from the cold a bit today but I think he will get used to eat. Having warm drinks is helping. His eyes seem fine today :x:


Hi @Lupin the jaw lock feeling is horrible. It seems so weird to forget but you do between days or cycles. I found opening my mouth really slowly 1mm at a time then putting in a small bite first helped. It litterally feels like you have a broken jaw for a few seconds then eases off. SO horrible - and no one told me either.