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alterna conseal plug

hi everyone can anyone please tell me about that alters conseal plug how does it work and how much it cost

Gary not Gavin

Alterna Conseal plug is inserted into the stoma in order to effectively block the faeces, but continues to allow flatulus to pass quietly through the odour-eliminating filter


Is this the Coloplast one? I was very interested in this with regard to when I can start irrigating but could it be used without irrigating. I only have output once a day first thing in the morning


@Sama Just wanted to say Hello and welcome! I am very interested in this thread and peoples experiences as I have had a colostomy since April 2017 and have looked at irrigation and the Conseal Plug but bit nervous about using. Stevie the Stoma always has something to say for itself and quite active so not sure if it would work. :x::x::x:


Hi @Sama If you type in the search button 'conseal plug' (above the comments on the rh side) posts from other forum members come up about this subject that you might find useful. Jane :x:


I irrigate and although I'm currently getting no output in-between irrigations, I have not been brave enough yet to try the conseal plug. My stoma nurse said the best thing is to try it at home first to see how I get on. - cheers Ron :x:


hi everyone and thanks it’s my first time joining any group so a little nervous
I have colostomy since 2007 because of rectal cancer but haven’t tried irrigation or that plug so was thinking of trying because I always have problem because of stoma noises and I feel so embarasse