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Stoma bag disposal

Hi all you lovely forumites,

I'm after a little advice because His Lordship and I are coming home to the UK for a visit at the end of the month. First time in two years that Lord GT has been off the island, yippee!

It's the first time travelling with a colostomy so I want to ask how you all deal with disposal of used bags?
Here, we have a little separate bin outside and His Lordship just pops the used bags in there (all wrapped up in a nappy sack).
But our bins are emptied twice a week (at 3am!) so they are never hanging around for long. I understand that it can be a fortnight before the unrecyclable bin is empty?

So, how do you all deal with that?



Hello @Lady GT, how lovely that you are both in a position to visit the Uk, - hope you have a lovely time ??? ..... yes I am in the position of my bins only being emptied every two weeks. I get through lots of nappy bags (two at a time sometimes) and lots of black bin liners, - again two at a time for strength and discretion. Good luck, Kim :x::x::x:


Ours also only emptied fortnightly, John uses the little black bags that come with the stoma bags and then puts the black bag in a nappy sack. I do online supermarket shopping so that comes with loads of carriers - puts the nappy sack in a carrier, ties it up with the handles & into the outside bin - great you are coming to England ! I imagine you ate so looking forward to you both travelling together @Lady GT. lots of love :x::x:


Omg *looks around slowly* wondering if im dirty ? i used to remove my bag into the little black bags provided (nappy sack things) and just put it straight into the outside bin and it never entered my head that my bins were fortnightly collections!!!!! Im wondering if im not alone and your just conscious about it because you have twice weekly collections??? ? after all i have my fur baby and i just scoop it up and pop it in the bin!!!!!!! ? im not defending my actions but i do have my bins washed in summer ? ..... I love the fact @Lady GT that your visiting England, such good news, your both such inspirations ? ps. Ive booked my first holiday in years, im going to Cyprus ? :x::x:


Mine just went into the little black bag, and I had nappy sacks just in case I ran out of black ones, that came with my supplies, and then it went into the general waste bin for fortnightly collections. However I did opt for 'drainables' both for my colostomy and ileostomy so that I could empty as much down the loo as possible so as not to have too much festering in the bin. Worst thing about that was the occasional 'splashback' on emptying, and the hideous staining on the toilet bowl. Ugh! Thankfully the little independent hardware store here still sells 'Spirits of Salts' (hydrochloric acid!) which will strip the stain off anything and is the most remarkable loo cleaner.

Thankfully it is all now behind me(!) as I was reversed 3 weeks ago.

@Lady GT I hope you and his Lordship have a lovely time over here and don't stress too much about the disposal :x::x::x:


We also just throw ours in the black bin in the black nappy bag provided, Charlies are drainable so he only changes once a day and completely empties before disposal . I don`t double wrap or put in any extra bags, and our collections are fortnightly too. But in fairness my bin is full of nappies and with the kittens i have 7 cats worth of litter too so i think the stoma bags are the least of mine or the bin mens worries!! I will definitely be having a bin clean in summer!!! :x::x:

Gary not Gavin

I also place in the little black bags provided and throw into the general household bin outside which is emptied every 2 weeks. We do clean the bin out with bleach say every 6 weeks and I spray into the general bin dettol.
Same for the pampered pets poo.

Lovely :x::x::x:

Lady GT

Thank you all so much for your replies @Liriodendron345 @Trinity @Sparkles @Sally1963 @charleyb @Gary not Gavin .

I'm over-thinking it, aren't I?
I've checked on the local counci website and they do indeed go in with the non-recyclables, to be collected every fortnight. His Lordship is very nervous about travelling although I know he'll be fine once we set off.
We absolutely can't wait to catch up with friends and family, SUCH a tonic.

@Sparkles ... you are coming to Cyprus??? When? And where will you be staying?



Paphos in June @Lady GT feeling a little anxious as its our 1st holiday since diagnosis but ...... :x::x:

Lady GT

Oh, Cyprus is lovely in June @Sparkles , you'll have a ball.
And I'm here on the island (not Paphos, but not far away) should you have any problems at all.
I think it helps to know that there's a friend close by.